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Samantha Jade talks fashion & music

Samantha Jade talks fashion & music

Meet Samantha Jade. She’s gorgeous, super nice, a huge music star and an Aussie! We had a chat with her about her new single “Secret” and what it was like working with Timberlake and Timberland!

What have you been up to?

“I just got in from Perth where I have been spending time with friends and family. It was so nice, I didn’t want to leave! Before that I was in L.A. and Melbourne. I have been promoting the single and doing radio tours. People seem to really love the song and it’s nice to see Australian’s supporting Australians.”

Do people in America like Aussies?

“They loooove them! Every time I go out I get asked, “Oh my God, are you Australian?” [said in an American accent]. People in the industry love us too.”

How did you get to where you are today?

“I was found at a family BBQ. A guy there from America knew my family. He heard me sing and asked for a tape and that was it! It’s been crazy since then.”

You have worked with some pretty big names. What has been the highlight?

“Doing the ‘Step Up’ soundtrack was a huge highlight. I got to work with Wyclef Jean and Timberland … “

Was he intimidating? He’s a pretty big deal and a pretty big guy!

“No, he was really nice. I was so excited to meet him because I love his stuff. I also wrote a song for JoJo and got to go into the studio and hear her sing it which was awesome. I have got to go to some amazing places and perform with some amazing people. I got to go to the Armenian Music Awards last year which was very random. I got to perform at the Kremlin in Moscow which was amazing.”

You’re also a song writer, do you know who you are writing for? How does Ashlee Tisdale song one of your songs?

“It depends on who is looking. You get a sheet with people’s names on it who are looking for songs. A lot of the time I go into the studio and write for myself and if it doesn’t suit me then I will hand it over to someone else. It is a weird job because it’s a vibe orientated job. You have to be feeling it, to do it.”

How long does it take to write a song?

“About a day with breaks. You usually come back and revisit the song and do a few changes. Sometimes the company will come back and ask you to change it. For instance, Disney might say they want it less edgy.”

I hear you have worked with Justin Timberlake…

“Yeah, I met him when I was working with Timberland which was cool. I have worked with a few cool celebrities. My first gig in American when I was 15 was when I opened for Beyonce’s sister, Solance. I also sing a lot for the NBA and did a song with Ice-Cube and a song with Snoop Dog which was awesome. I guess because I can sing a bit of soul they pair me with these R’n’B stars even though I am a pop girl.

Where are your favourite places to travel to?

“I loved Stockholm, it was so beautiful, the people are amazing and the food is good. I loved Russia as well except I got food poisoning and just before I went on stage I was so sick. I would like to go back there though. I have travelled a lot through America as well – New York, Miami, L.A.

Do you take a stylist with you?

“I wish I had a stylist! I shop for myself. I have always loved fashion. It’s hard to find the time though. I make my manager come with me. I have gotten into online shopping now though. I love It is brilliant! You can get everything on there for a discount. I also like Chanel and Dolce Gabbana and just dream. I also live on the Wheels and Dolls Baby website. I wear them in my latest video clip. Their clothes make everyone look so womanly. I also like Sass and Bide and Nicola Finetti. I think those dresses are amazing.”

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

“The album releases in November. I am doing shows in Sydney and L.A. and I’ll just be promoting it. The album is very fun. I have written the songs all over the place over the last few years. It’s not a gut-wrenching album. I am not in that place in my life at the moment. It’s fun and pop with a few ballads thrown in for a mix. I didn’t want to bore people to tears telling them my whole life story.”

What are your goals?

“I want this album to go well and be well received by the people I made it for. I want Australia to love it!

How do you deal with public and media scrutiny?

“We all go through highschool and there are always those bitchy girls and I guess the media is like that on a bigger level. I haven’t got to the stage yet where everyone is talking about me but I have heard some things that have made me cringe on YouTube etc. Everyone has haters but I just have to read it on a website. AS long as you have your tight knit group of family and friends then there is no reason to be up in arms about it.”

Anything you want to add?

“Yeah! Support a local girl! Oh and my MySpace page is”

Watch the video clip for Samantha’s new single “Secret” here!

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