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Sarah O’Hare expecting

Sarah O’Hare expecting

Sarah O’Hare expecting

Mum-to-be, Sarah
One of Australia?s favourite daughters is having a baby. Gorgeous model Sarah O?Hare and her media magnate husband, Lachlan Murdoch have confirmed they are expecting their first child. The baby will be the eighth grandchild of Rupert Murdoch, media baron and head of News Corp world wide. Gossip has been rife for months since O?Hare withdrew from the Melbourne Fashion Week in March and her agent blamed her uni timetable for keeping her away. Now we all know it was actually morning sickness! Then just last week they sent the media into a frenzy of ?are they or aren?t they?? when Lachlan and Sarah were photographed arriving at New York’s Costume Institute ball, she showing an obvious bump in her cream frock. Now she is going to be one Yummy Mummy!

Imagine pashing this hunk…
Brad’s a great pash
Hands up all those girls that dream of pashing Brad Pitt? Well 24 year old Sydney actress Rose Byrne has done it! Rose Bryne is suddenly the name on everyone?s lips including divine Brad Pitt?s. How you ask has this Sydney girl has become America’s latest sweetheart? In the lastest epic flick Troy, Byrne is in a sex scene with Brad Pitt that has been leaving female audience members panting and men, well, feeling inadequate. In the film Byrne is lying on a bed of pillows, while Brad Pitt is naked and sweaty (just how we like him!). His 15kg of extra muscle (packed on for the role of famed Greek warrior Achilles) is rippling. So, what is it like for the local girl to spend the day shooting a steamy love scene with the actor often described as the sexiest man alive? “It was great,” said Byrne giggling, but not giving too much away. “God, he’s a great kisser.”

Lucky Rose Byrne has!
Pitt thinks Byrne is a gem
It seems Brad was just as impressed by Bryne, telling journo?s ?Rose is a doll, isn’t she?” Pitt says. “She’s a gem.” Pitt, husband of Friends star Jennifer Aniston, appears naked in the scene. Or not quite, reveals Byrne. “No, no, he had a modesty patch on,” Byrne confesses. Byrne said Pitt made jokes to break the ice during Troy’s more intimate scenes. “He’s got a cheeky sense of humour. You think he’s serious and then he’ll make a joke,” she says. “Jokes? I thought I was being suave,” Pitt responds. Sounds like a movie for both sexes to attend ? Brad Pitt naked for the girls and lots of battle scenes and fighting for the boys! Perfect!

Mid air music with Sheryl
Sheryl Crow joins Mile High Rankings
Sheryl Crow made aviation history, last week by performing at 3,500 feet! The mid-air concert marked the launch of United Airlines’ partnership with Sony’s new Connect Online Music Service. “It’s like a new meaning for the ‘mile high club,'” Crow joked. “It’s a pretty cool idea.” Sheryl also let it slip that her new album will be filled with love songs thanks to her new boyfriend Lance Armstrong. “It’s going to be the most boring, sappy record you’ve ever heard,” she admitted. “It’s going to be, ‘I love Lance.'” Crow and cycling champ Armstrong ? he has won the grueling Tour de France the last five years in a row ? have been enjoying the last three months in Spain while Armstrong trains to try and win his sixth tour win. “It’s a whole different world for me and it’s great to be in his world and step out of mine for a while,” Sheryl said, she went on to add “I’m good; I’m riding the bike now.” So will we see the rocker in next year’s Tour de France? “No, you may see me in the car, but not on the tour.”

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