Sarah vetos Britney!

March 26, 2002

Sarah Jessica Parker has refused to allow Britney Spears to guest star on Sex and The City as Samantha’s niece. Apparently Parker went a little wild, saying that she had worked too damned hard to be upstaged by a Mouseketeer. Maybe Sarah should remember her own early acting career – ummm Footloose, we could go on. We gave you a chance Sarah.

Girl power for Geri?

She is always doing something isn’t she? If it’s not yoga, fighting with Robbie Williams, getting skinnier, it has to do with her love life. Geri Halliwell has sent tongues wagging when she visited the five-star Fairmont Whistler Chateau Hotel in the Canadian Ski Resort of Whistler with a female friend. The ex Spice Girl booked two rooms at the hotel but only used one of them. Maybe Geri needed someone to keep her warm through those cold nights.

Permanent Friend

Friends star Matt Le Blanc is in the final stages of negotiations to make his on-screen character Joey Tribbiani a permanent TV fixture. Matt is said to be extremely interested about getting the Frasier treatment, with his

Joey, who has insisted on being portrayed as ‘less dumb’, will be living in LA and trying to break into acting. He will get a job in a Dynasty series as the playboy son but it’s cancelled after the first episode, an insider revealed. Wonder whether the other Friends cast are happy about this or not because none of them have been very successful in establishing an independent career beyond the million dollar making show.

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