Satay, Seafood Laksa and “Shiok”: Discovering The Hidden Singapore

March 15, 2013

Shiok is the Singaporian equivalent of “amazing”, “fabulous”, “I LOVE it”. It’s also the word chosen by the Singapore Tourism Board to promote the idea of getting lost, going off the beaten path, discovering the hidden Singapore.

And there’s nothing more Singaporian than food. It’s the lifeblood of this country and the social glue for locals and visitors alike. From street hawkers to fine dining, there are spicy, delicious flavours to be devoured wherever you go.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a cooking class run by the charismatic, energetic Fast Ed (of Better Homes & Gardens fame) to promote this new tourism initiative.

Lucky me! Not only did I get to try some superb little Singaporian appetizers such as Carrot Cake (which is a savoury snack and not a decadent cake at all), Kaya Toast (a more-ish coconut jam on toast) and the obligatory Beef Satays but I got to cook and learn about Singaporian food with Fast Ed.

I went home to a very happy husband, laden with containers of freshly made Seafood Laksa and Nonya Chicken Curry…two dishes synonymous with all that is Singapore.

For me food is one of the great pleasures of travel and a window onto the culture and history of a country and its people. Having spent an evening enjoying the delicious flavours of Singapore I am now very keen to get lost in its alleys and markets and discover the true meaning of “Shiok” for myself.

Have you been to Singapore? What’s your favourite Singapore dish?

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