Saucy sex for every woman

October 25, 2005

Saucy sex for every woman

You know, it?s difficult being a chick, isn?t it. All those blokes need to do to get in the mood is see us naked and Presto! they?re up like a rocket. But us girls, well we need to be in the right mood. We need to know the kids are in bed, we don?t have an early start in the morning and we?ve got nothing too serious on our minds. We need gentle (or not so gentle!) foreplay, lots of kissing and perhaps even a healthy dose of champagne to get us in the mood. And it?s not always easy to get that combination, right?

Well fortunately for us, there?s a brand new product on the market to help us out. Called Femi-X, it?s a purely herbal remedy that will set your world (and your pants) on fire. Tell me more, I hear you say. Femi-X? is a unique combination of herbal extracts including epimedium grandiflorum, turnera diffusa, ilex paraguariensis and smilax officinalis. It comes in capsule form, and you simply take three around 30-90 minutes before you?re ready to get all hot and heavy.

So how does it make you feel? Well one woman who participated in the overseas clinical trial described it like this: ?My whole body was extremely tactile and just the touch of his fingers on my skin made me moan with desire. We tore off our clothes and although my boyfriend hadn?t touched me yet, I was wet and raring to go. My mind was completely blank; all I noticed was his body on mine. It was extreme! The tension was released in an enormous explosion. My heart was beating, my breathing was quicker and quicker and gaspingly I reached climax.?

Sound good huh? In fact, it was that good for a staggering majority of women who participated in the European clinical trial.
80 % had in a test period of 48 hours had more initiative than normally.
90 % stated that the sexual intercourse had been more satisfactory than normally
86 % had noticed an increased sensitivity of clitoris
92 % had noticed an increased lubrication of the mucosa
80 % had felt the orgasms more satisfactory than normally
94 % stated that their sex-life in general had been more satisfactory

So how would you like to try Femi-X out, for free? We?re offering SheSaid readers above the age of 18 the opportunity to participate in our exclusive market research in exchange for two saucy sessions of Femi-X. All you have to do is:
1. Fill out the form below,
2. We’ll email your participation,
3. We?ll send you two sessions worth of Femi-X to your nominated address,
4. On the 21st November, we’ll email you and ask to fill out a simple questionnaire detailing your experiences.

As a thank you for participating in our SheSaid/Femi-X market research and for sending back the questionnaire within the required time, you’ll automatically be entered into the draw to win a luxury weekend away with your partner! We are giving away one Bed, Breakfast and Ballooning package at Balloon Aloft, Hunter Valley. This includes balloon flights for two, four star accommodation and breakfast valued at $665 per couple. We will also throw in $500 cash to help you get there, whether by plane or hire car. Check out www.balloonaloft.com for details.

Better sign up quick though, we’ve only got 2000 packs to giveaway. Two nights of bonking bliss? Sign me up!

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