10 Money Saving Ideas to get you Started

October 15, 2002

Get Set by 30 is a fantastic new book by award-winning writer Annette Sampson that will have you on the road to financial security and wealth as you head into your thirties. From saving, super and smart home ownership this little gem has it all covered in language that’s not going to make your eyes glaze over.

Get Set by 30 is a straightforward question-and-answer guide that will help you handle very money-related question life throws at you with the poise of a finance professional. Whether you’ve got $50 in the bank or are earning $50,000 a year, you can start managing your money to enjoy the life you deserve.

Here’s a sample of Annette’s sound advice, focussing on saving money…

10 savings ideas to get you started

    1. Cutting out just one packet of cigarettes a week, or one or two drinks, will save you as much as $10 a week.


    1. Unless you’ve got the system rigged, gambling is money down the drain. Rethink your attitude to things like poker machines, scratchies and Lotto.


    1. Take your lunch to work. Even doing this just one day a week will save money.


    1. Takeaways and pre-packaged meals are expensive. Rediscover or discover the fun of cooking. Pasta and red wine with friends at home is cheap as well as fun.


    1. try to do your shopping in one go rather than continually dashing to the corner shop. Consider cheaper brands where you don’t lose out on quality, and don’t shop on an empty stomach.


    1. Try cutting back to just the magazines you really can’t live without. Avid book reader? Scour second-hand stores, share with friends or join a loyal library to supplement your purchases.


    1. Technology has made out lives much better, but it’s also added to our expenses. Do you really need unlimited Internet access? Are you on a cost-efficient mobile phone plan? How often do you watch all the channels on Pay TV?


    1. Are you using your phone cost-effectively and taking full advantage of the cheaper off-peak rates and other special offers?


    1. Consider cheaper alternatives in entertainment. Maybe it’s the movies that incur unexpected costs – why not rent a video one night a month instead?


  1. Buying a second-hand car – rather than the new ego-driven model – can save you heaps!

from Get Set by 30 by Annette Sampson ($22.95, Allen & Unwin). For more fantastic tips on saving money and sorting your life out in general, get Get Set by 30. Available in good bookstores everywhere!

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