Say Goodbye to Boring Skincare Routines

March 10, 2003

Understanding how best to care for your skin can be a complicated process with the vast array of products and advice on the market today. If you?re a person who likes to keep things simple, but believe that simple doesn?t have to mean boring, then the Vin?fit C-T-M routine is for you. Three fresh, delicious, easy steps each day and you?re on your way to a revitalised, radiant complexion, what could be simpler?C = Cleanse with Vin?fit Cleansing Bar

A work of art begins with a clean canvas! It?s time to go back to basics and ensure you are using a cleanser suited to your skin type. Too harsh and it will strip your skin of natural oils leaving you prone to stress and irritation, too weak and it may not be able to budge modern make-up formulations. It is essential to get this step right, as even the best moisturisers will be less effective if your cleansing process is not up to scratch. Try the invigorating Vin?fit Cleansing Bar for skin that is fresh, smooth and ready for action.

T = Tone with Vin?fit Toning Water

No bicep curls required here, we?re talking skin tone – the finishing touch in cleansing and an essential step to prepare your skin for moisture. By using a toner designed for your skin type you will remove any final traces of make-up and refresh your complexion leaving it radiant and ready to absorb your moisturiser. Packed with Vitamin B, magnesium and natural grape water Vin?fit Toning Water will keep your skin in great shape.

M = Moisturise with Vin?fit SPF 15 or Cool Gel

We all know we should be drinking eight glasses of water a day ? think of this as your skin?s equivalent! Using the right moisturiser, particularly one packed with anti-oxidants, will keep your skin soft, supple and help protect against daily aggressions such as pollution and UV rays. Listen to the needs of your skin to determine how often you need to moisturise and what level of hydration you require. Luckily the Vin?fit family offers the delicious vitality of natural grape extracts in two textures to ensure you find your perfect match!

Like to keep things light? Try the fresh texture of Vin?fit Cool Gel for 100% oil free moisture.

Prefer something creamier? You?ll love the smooth texture of Vin?fit SPF15.

Beyond the Basics

Your C-T-M routine is the foundation of good skincare, but there are plenty of other treats and tricks that will help take your gorgeous skin to the next level.

Out with the Old: Dead skin cells and other debris can block pores and make skin seem dull. Exfoliate twice a week with a gentle scrub designed for your skin type and let your inner glow shine through!

Time to Indulge: Once a week give your skin a treat with one of the five Lanc?me masques designed for you. Need extra hydration? Try Hydra Intense. Time for a deep cleanse? Try Pure Empreinte. Trust us ? your skin will love you for it!

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