Say Hello To Donald Trump’s Potential New Cabinet (And Be Very Afraid)

November 22, 2016

Meet the dream team.

Having Trump as a President is a terrifying prospect. In this would-be transitional phase, Trump seems confused and overwhelmed, obviously unprepared for the tasks before him. This, combined with his complete inexperience, may imply he’s clueless enough to be a largely ineffective, or just plain incompetent, President. But this makes who he chooses for his cabinet all the more crucial, because in essence, it’s their expertise that will be running the show.

So let’s look at who’s on that casting bill, shall we?

Some positions are still up for debate, but we know for certain human cockroach Reince Priebus is the new chief of staff. In addition to his refusal to rule out a Muslim registry during the Trump administration, he’s the former chair of the Republican National Committee and a lifelong lobbyist. So much for Trump “cleaning out the swamp”.

Stephen Bannon was named chief strategist the same day Priebus was announced. Bannon is most well-known for his white nationalistic views – specifically his strong anti-immigrant positions that have made him the darling child of the KKK and David Duke specifically. He’s called all feminists lesbians, believes the confederate flag is a heritage symbol, and thinks harassing Jews is funny.

Though he hasn’t been confirmed yet, the former mayor of New York City is considered the frontrunner for secretary of state. Though Rudy Giuliani received a surge of public love after September 11, he’s become increasingly more and more intolerable. He spent his time on the Trump campaign trail apparently trying to out-manic Trump himself, shouting almost unintelligible buzzwords meant to rile up the hatreds of the crowd before him; he’s done his part to play up the lunatic card, throwing out conspiracy theories that make our drunk uncles look like PhD candidates; and – my personal fave – he said that Clinton had actually failed the bar over a decade ago and the press had simply covered it up. He also claimed to have saved more lives than the #BlackLivesMatter movement, despite being the propagator of one of the most racist stop-and-frisk policies in the country.

Trump and Pence welcomed potential cabinet members into Trump International this week.

Stephen Mnuchin is also on the shortlist for secretary of state, which is bad news if you voted for Trump because you thought he’d “drain” big money out of politics. He’s a big Goldman Sachs guy – you know, the bank we paid billions of dollars to bail out, because, it was “too big to fail”, but managed to anyway? He also happens to be a Wall Street darling, so don’t count on him doing much to clear big money out of politics any time soon.

These men are but a small slice of what the future holds for America under Trump’s inexperienced political reign, and that’s without even getting into vice president Mike Pence, who believes we should live in a conservative Christian theocracy that electrocutes the queerness out of LGBT folks, as per the absurd ‘conversion theory’ ideology he subscribes to.

Though they’re each horrific in their own way, the only solid qualifier they all seem to represent to Trump, is that they’re loyal to him. And if that’s the only qualification Trump is looking for during the course of his regime, his supporters should be as terrified of the next four years as the rest of us.

Because that’s exactly how a fascist cult of personality begins.

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