Say Hello To The New Beauty Craze: Sandbagging

April 15, 2016

It’s Kim K-approved.

You know a new makeup technique works if Kim Kardashian uses it. After all, have you ever seen her wearing makeup that’s anything less than flawless? No, you haven’t.

In contrast, us mere mortals have gotten used to walking around with smudged eyeliner and runny lip gloss, hoping we’ll get a chance to touch it up before anybody important sees us.

The difference between Kim and us – besides the luxury of having our own dedicated makeup artist – is a little makeup application trick called sandbagging, the latest craze to hit the beauty world. Sandbagging basically keeps your eye and lip makeup in place no matter what you do. Bye bye, panda eyes and joker lips.


How to sandbag

It’s as simple as it is genius. All you need is powder, a straight-edge makeup sponge and a brush. After applying your foundation and concealer, dab a shitload of powder right under your eyes using the straight edge of your sponge. Get it as close to your lower lash line as possible. Do the same to the area under your lower lips. The excess powder will absorb any oil from your skin while you continue to apply the rest of your makeup.

The result

Once you’re done, sweep away the powder with a brush, and voila – you have now created an indestructible barrier around your eyes and lips that will prevent any makeup from running down your face, just like sandbags prevent water from flooding a house.

A nice side effect of this technique is that light or translucent powder will brighten the area under your eyes, making you look fresh and more awake. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re still confused about sandbagging despite my excellent description, you can watch makeup artist and beauty vlogger Wayne Goss demonstrate it in this video tutorial. Now get your powder, set, go!

Image via instagram.com.

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