Scarlett Johansson’s new love

July 12, 2005

Scarlett Johansson’s new love

Scarlett’s all smiles
Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett have been seen together a few times over the last few weeks, however most assumed the pair were just involved in some harmless flirtation. Not so, according to reports. Scarlett is currently in London, filming her second Woody Allen film. It seems Josh missed his new girl because he visited last weekend during the Live 8 concert. Instead of watching the talents of Madonna, U2 and Paul McCartney, the pair spent their time getting hot?n?heavy backstage. Oooh!

Lindsay?s downward spiral
Poor Lindsay Lohan. The pint sized star has been losing weight dramatically and people are now speculating there is more going on behind the bubbly fa?ade than just vanity. Apparently on June 25 after a concert, the 19-year-old sat alone in the VIP room smoking cigarettes and looking depressed. She told an onlooker, “Honestly, I’m so tired.” Physically, or emotionally we wonder? According to her father, Michael Lohan, it?s his divorce with Lindsay?s mother that is the cause for her weight loss. “People wonder why Lindsay’s so thin. It’s because of all this garbage between her mother and me. She’s beaten up inside. It’s ripped our whole family apart.” Michael is currently New York State Prison on charges of drink driving and assaulting his brother-in-law at a family dinner party.

According to friends, there?s more to her problems. Apparently she?s still pining over her ex Wilmer Valderrama, despite the fact that the pair split last year. Of course, her rep denies all involvement, “She has no feelings for Wilmer and wishes him well.” Her latest, highly promoted film, Herbie: Fully Loaded was a flop, further depressing the star. Herbie took in $12.8 million on its opening weekend ? barely half the opening take of her previous two movies, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. According to Hollywood agent, Sarah Shyn, “She’s moved from kid to over-the-top sex symbol in the blink of an eye; I don’t think children relate to her anymore.” Finally, the poor poppet has been partying hard in LA clubs Mood and Spider Club, and according to friends this is directly due to loneliness. “At the end of a night out, she doesn’t want to go home. She’ll call around to find a friend to hang out with in L.A. until the wee hours.” Her friends now include Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton; sources say, “She’s replaced a lot of her goody-goody friends with these party people?.

Angelina?s baby Zahara
Teri desperate to be more than a housewife

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