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Scarlett’s lingering lady love

Scarlett’s lingering lady love

Scarlett’s lingering lady love

Experimenting Scarlett
Fellow drinkers in a New York bar were shocked when uber cool Scarlett Johansson locked lips with another woman last week. The 19-year-old star was seen drinking with blonde designer Tara Subkoff at the hip Hiro venue. A source said, “Tara took Scarlett to a dark corner of the bar, where she proceeded to administer a very long and lingering kiss. People who saw it were shocked. Then she did it again. Maybe she just thinks Scarlett’s hot.” Or maybe Scarlett thinks Tara was hot. 30-year-old Subkoff is known for her provocative actions and has also been nicknamed the new Twiggy for her startling appearance. We suppose her boyfriend, director Wes Anderson, is used to her antics but wonder what Scarlett?s new man, actor Patrick Wilson, thought?

A baby for Julia?
Twins for Julia?
After rumours over the weekend whether Julia Roberts is pregnant, we finally know the truth. Her spokeswoman Marcy Engelman told People magazine that the Pretty Woman star is due to give birth to twins early next year. She was recently spotted strolling on an Italian beach with a telltale bump on her belly. According to The Sun, pictures prove the Hollywood star is pregnant to husband Danny Moder. Julia is currently filming Ocean?s Twelve. Her character, Tess Ocean, was originally meant to be eight months pregnant, however Julia changed it to three months to avoid wearing padding. US Weekly said Roberts, 36, has been pregnant for about nine weeks with twins. Star magazine, citing unidentified sources, said the twins were a boy and a girl. Friends of Julia?s say she is happier than she has been for years. ?The pressure of trying over and over again has got to her in the last few months but it looks like her agony is over.”

Whereas Jennifer is acting like a baby
J.Lo won?t be seen with Ben
Jennifer Lopez has irritated film bosses by refusing to turn up to the premiere of her last film with ex flame Ben Affleck. Jersey Girl is a romantic comedy staring Affleck, and includes the Latino actor in a small role. She is snubbing the British premiere, sources saying “J.Lo was far from happy about facing up to Ben in front of the glaring eye of the world’s media.? Meanwhile, she?s well on the way to snaring new boyfriend Marc Anthony. 34-year-old actor Anthony has filed for a quickie divorce from ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres in the Dominican Republic. The pair were seen together shortly after Jennifer?s wedding to Ben was called off. According to The Sun, she was recently seen wearing a massive diamond which friends say is an engagement ring. Phew! The serial lover strikes again.

Who’s Joaquin’s lucky lady?
Joaquin?s silky secret
The set of Joaquin Pheonix?s latest film The Village is abuzz with rumours of the identity of his new conquest. According to sources in Chadds Ford, Chester Country where the horror flick is being filmed, Joaquin has chosen nearly $2,000 worth of silky lingerie (including a silk embossed whip) from a Philadelphia store. The items were all gift wrapped in silver boxes especially for him. But despite the guessing game played by the film crew, no one is privy to the identity of the special lady.

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