Scary Beautiful: Go Goth on Halloween (And All Year ‘Round)

October 8, 2018

Own the night, every day. 

“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy,” Cady Heron famously opined in Mean Girls. “In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.”

Be that as it may — and children’s costumes and sexy nurses aside — Halloween also inspires looks that are both bone-chilling and beautiful; think lacy black eye details, matte, moon-kissed skin, and deep, dark lips. (Not to mention ideal if you’re looking to enhance your naturally pale skin or add smolder to eyes that are, frankly, already ringed with dark circles).

Modern-day takes on the goth look (as seen recently at London Fashion Week) are so alluring, in fact, that you may be tempted to rock it all year around. And why not? Although certain fan faves like Lush’s Goth Juice styling gel have been discontinued, the Halloween-obsessed can rejoice: there’s never been a better time to go gothic, with innovative brands (think jellyfish-inspired highlighter) and vegan, cruelty-free products.

Lunatick High Definiton Microfinish Pressed Powder, $20

A goth staple. If your makeup is to be a work of art, you should start with a perfectly primed canvas — in this case, Lunatick’s pressed powder, which comes endearingly packaged as a Ouija board planchette. You can (and should!) also use it as a last step to make everything matte.

Buy it here.

Concrete Minerals Zombie Girl Eyeshadow Collection, $36

If you love the Walking Dead, then these eyeshadow shades — with names like Quarantine and Vaccine — are sure to thrill, as is the neat little tin that manages to be both garish and gorgeous.

Buy it here.

Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot in Obsidian, $38

If you’re not looking to do a colorful eye (or you’re going vivid but want to add some darkness), Rituel de Fille’s Eye Soot is blendable and creamy and will give you the tried-and-true smudged and sooty look, whether you go for full-on spooky or use it to accentuate bright, bold eyes.

Buy it here.

Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick, $15.50

You could go with black lipstick, but why not mix high fashion with goth glam and go for a deep dark shade as seen on the runway? Manic Panic’s Daughter of Darkness fits that bill perfectly.

Buy it here.

Black Moon Cosmetics Jellyfish Moonlighter, $22

Forget your average highlighter, which usually aims to make your skin appear sun-kissed. This one channels the luminous light of the moon so that your goth look will glow.

Buy it here.

Smith and Cult Nail Lacquer in Kings & Thieves, $18

When it comes to nail polish, Smith & Cult is my absolute fave, not just because of its incredible staying power (make sure to buy both the top and bottom coats… you won’t regret it!) but because of its gorgeous array of unique colors. Trade straight-up goth black for a deep, dark navy with this shade.

Buy it here.

Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic Hair Freshener, $9.99

Goth hair comes in many colors, whether it’s black, green, blue, or multi. The goal is to keep your hair healthy and the color vivid. Manic Panic’s dry shampoo will preserve your dye job while helping you cut back on color-fading, traditional shampoos.

Buy it here.

Comment: What’s your fave goth beauty product? 

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