School Recess and Lunch Weekly Meal Plan

February 24, 2014

Recess: One small tub of peaches or pears in natural juice, and 1 tub reduced fat frozen yoghurt

LunchLeftover Cajun beef with salad and cheese in a wholemeal wrap, plus banana and sultana muffin

Recess: 6 wholegrain rice crackers with sliced cheese and cherry tomatoes, and 1 small container of seasonal fruit salad e.g. grapes, strawberries

Lunch: Tuna and avocado sushi rolls, plus 1 wholegrain muesli bar

Recess: Wholemeal blueberry pike lets, and 1 125ml reduced fat milk popper

LunchLeftover lamb with hummus and salad in a wholemeal pita pocket, and 1 small container of dried apricots and apple rings

Recess: Chopped veggie sticks (carrot, cucumber, celery) and tomato salsa, and 1 small container of seasonal fruit salad e.g. watermelon, rockmelon

Lunch: Egg, lettuce and reduced fat mayo multigrain sandwich, plus 1 tub of reduced fat custard

Recess: Air popped popcorn in a snap lock bag, and 1 tub reduced fat fruit yoghurt

LunchLeftover beef rissoles topped with tomato, cheese and salad in a italian panini, plus 1 piece of seasonal fresh fruit e.g. peach

What do you pack for the kids’ school lunch boxes?

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