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Search for Australia’s Most Knowledgeable Nan

Search for Australia’s Most Knowledgeable Nan

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As our days get busier, the art of homemaking is slowly being lost to other pursuits. While we become increasingly business savvy, our inner domestic goddess is quietly taking a back seat. But she will not be silenced anymore! The growing popularity of sites such as Pinterest, and homeheaven are evidence that women, regardless of their other worldly endeavours, will always have a passion for creating beautiful homes, and they’re now proudly showcasing these skills in new ways. To encourage this renewed sense of sharing practical homemaking knowledge and inspiration in the digital age; homeheaven is calling upon an unrivalled authority in tried, tested and true home-management techniques: our nans. 

Chelsea Tromans, content producer for homeheaven, says:

“Grandmothers really are an untapped resource; they have so much knowledge and experience. We want to recognise Nans and share their knowledge with the country, so we can all learn from them. As a nation, we live in such a fast-paced world and lack many of the skills and much of the wisdom related to practical homemaking that our Nans possess.” 

If you know a Nan who has a stack of mouth-watering secret recipes, knows countless cleaning tricks that save time and money, or has a garden that is the envy of her neighbourhood then let the world know (she doesn’t have to be your Nan, she may be a friend’s fabulous Nan, or perhaps your Mum has become a grandmother to your children and has imparted some great tips for managing family life) – this knowledgable Nan could be homeheaven’s first ever Super Nan! All you need to do is nominate her at

The nomination period will run until June 30, giving everyone the chance to nominate a Nan. After the nominations are in, readers will be given the chance to vote Australia’s most knowledgeable Nan (voting period open from 10am July 1 to 4pm July 14), with the top 10 Nans invited to become part of homeheaven’s expert panel. Individuals can vote for multiple Nan’s, but can only vote for each Nan once. 

The number one nan will be crowned Australia’s most knowledgeable Nan on July 15. She will receive a luxury prize, including free house cleaning, a grocery shopping done for her, along with ‘a Night in with Nan’ package to enjoy with her nominator that includes a massage, manicure, dinner, a movie and snacks. 

After the contest, the panel of nans will have the chance to share their pearls of wisdom with the homeheaven community as the site’s resident Nans in the Know. 

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