Second interview style continued

February 18, 2003

Lines of questioning

Think back to your first interview. What main areas did they concentrate on? Be prepared for the focus on these areas to be even more intensive this time around.Look at the information given to you – brochures, presentations – and be prepared to answer questions based on what you have absorbed from them.

Reflect on what questions were asked during the first interview and which ones you found difficult. Be prepared to answer the same questions again.

Advanced preparation produces stronger responses, even to the traditional questions like: “Why should we give you the job?” and “What can you offer us?” This helps you to show off your communication skills.

General interview tips

Think about what the interviewer is trying to find out from asking a particular question and how you might formulate your answer.

Remember to answer the questions consistently as the interviewer will be making notes.

A second interview gives you the chance to express your ideas rather than simply talking about your skills and experience as you did in the first interview.

Also, be fresh – think of new examples and information when talking about your achievements rather than just providing the same ones again.

Do not let yourself become distracted. Focus and listen carefully to the interviewer at all times.

Other second interview tips include:

  • Remain calm. It’s okay to take a moment or two to think about a question. Don’t get flustered and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Know your skills and strengths and express them in a confident way.

Don’t miss Part Two of this essential guide to second interview style – coming soon!

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