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Secrets Of A Hollywood Stylist

Secrets Of A Hollywood Stylist

Secrets Of A Hollywood Stylist

Internationally renowned Aussie fashion designer and stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma has worked with everyone from Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Blake Lively and Kirstie Alley for Dancing With The Stars.

Sophia’s next project is working as costume designer for new film Syrup starring gorgeous Kellan Lutz. She’s being dubbed the Aussie Rachel Zoe and shares with SheSaid what we’ll be wearing this summer and how to make it in the fashion industry.

1. Who have been your favourite celebrities to style?

It is so hard to say, I love people who are adventurous and willing to try anything.
I have had a lot of fun with Kirstie Alley, as she’s so amazing and really lets me push her style in a whole new direction.

Recently working with Amber Heard on the new movie Syrup has been heaps of fun – she is so beautiful. Also Kellan Lutz – he had so many great ideas for his character in the same movie. We had a lot of fun making him look very cool.

2. What are some of the hot trends Aussies can look forward to this spring/summer?

Lots of white everywhere – all shades and overall white looks from head to toe.

Cropped pants and jeans which can be worked day or night, just remember some killer heels to elongate your legs!

We’ve seen it all over the runway and now it’s time to bring fluro into your wardrobe. If you’re not brave enough to wear block fluro colours with your outfit – you can still follow the trend with some glowing statement jewellery, or an electric neon coloured clutch. I’m in love with pleated maxi skirts with flashes of neon colour.

The new must-have colour to add to your wardrobe is yellow. You can add a yellow shirt to jeans, even throw a bright colour blazer like a green or purple over it for some stylish colour blocking.

Another great look is a yellow pleated skirt teamed with a basic tee and denim jacket.

The new t-shirt is the shirt, teamed with pants – sleeveless or with sleeves.

3. What’s the best part of working in the fashion industry?

It never feels like work! Being inspired by great artists is wonderful, my job is always fun and exciting and I get to meet amazing people and travel lots. It’s also always exciting being given the opportunity to wear samples from some of my favourite designers.

4. …and what’s the worst?

It’s lots of hard work, I seem to always be carrying extra stuff everywhere. Jet lag is horrible after travelling, and people who take fashion too seriously.

5. Who or what inspires your fashion sense?

Everything, I am inspired by anything and everything around me. I am always looking for new ideas on the street in the movies, at an art gallery and on blogs.

Sometimes it is also just intuitive thing where suddenly I feel like I want to wear this or that. But I am constantly changing my style.

6. Which celebrity epitomises great fashion in your opinion?

Aside from all my clients….Coco Channel – she always took risk and wanted to be different. I love that simple, understated elegance and beauty reigned supreme in her designs and style choices.

7. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

I have many interns and there are few that last the distance. The ones that stand out are eager, always willing to do anything, write everything down so they get it right, have great attitudes and go the extra mile…do that and you will stand out.

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