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Secrets of the Zodiac

Secrets of the Zodiac

Secrets of the Zodiac, by Michele Finey.

SheSaid’s astrologer Michelle Finey explores the archetypal qualities within each sign of the zodiac, revealing what they say about your primary mission in life, your priorities, how you interact with others and what you most need to learn. The zodiac is a life map – all you need do is follow the signs. Life’s a whole lot easier when you know where you are going, what you are capable of, and what’s likely to trip you up.

In Secrets of the Zodiac you’ll discover why you are the person you are, and all about your life mission. Find out what makes you tick, why some things are second nature to you, and why you repeat the same mistakes time and again. What do you most need to learn, and what can you teach others? Discover how other zodiac signs see the world and where their strengths, fragilities, and potentials lie. Accessible and inspiring, Secrets of the Zodiac gives you real insights into how to get the most out of your life and relationships so you can celebrate your very real gifts to the world.

Passionate about life and self development, Michele writes for several magazines, gives regular talks and works as an astrologer, hypnotherapist and freelance writer – as well as being our resident astrologer.

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Read an excerpt from the book…

It’s a common misconception that astrology is only about Sun signs and predicting the future.

Obviously, one-twelfth of the population is not going to meet the love of their life next Tuesday; nor can we be divided neatly into twelve groups, each with the same personalities and life experiences.

Sun signs and predictive astrology are only two stars in a whole universe of astrological knowledge.

The other thing you need to know is that the idea that the planets and stars somehow override our free-will is a myth; if anything, the reverse is true.

Most of today’s professional astrologers are in the business of trying to help their clients develop more self-awareness so they can exercise more free-will and be less subject to ‘fate’.

A horoscope is a map that symbolically describes a specific moment in time. That moment might correspond with the birth of a person, an idea, or a nation, or any other occasion. Each birth chart is unique, just as every individual is unique.

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