September Career Questions answered

September 13, 2005

September Career Questions answered

Question: Hi Lisa,
I am currently studying my BATCH degree (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching) externally. My question is – Do you have any advice for public speaking? When I am around students, I feel quite comfortable, but when around other adults my heart starts beating and my voice fails. I would like to work on this area before my interview next year.

Answer: Hi Lea
The best way to overcome the fear of public speaking an interview is to be prepared and to feel passionate about what you will bring to the role and why you want it. In the lead up to the interview, find out as much as you can about the interviewers, about the position and about the values of the organisation or school. Think through why you are suitable for a position and all of the qualities and experiences that you will bring to the role. It is a good idea to work with a Career Coach to practice you skills in answering interview questions. Alternatively practice with a friend who is willing to give you honest and constructive feedback.

Question: Hi Lisa,
I am 47 years old and I have worked for two years in Community Development. Since my contract expired earlier this year, I’m not sure what direction to take. I am currently doing Cert.1V in Training and Assessment and am one of two female active firefighters in the Country Fire Authority. I’m bored and I need a more fixed income/career. Can you help?

Answer: We really need to pinpoint exactly what you want to do whist taking into consideration other lifestyle factors such as any financial commitments and personal commitments. I recommend that you hire a career coach but one exercise that you could start with is to sit down and list all the things that you job needs to supply. For every person this will be different, say for you it could include: income, a creative outlet, and intellectual challenge. Next list your career assets that are all of your experience, education and personal qualities. Make a third list of all of the jobs that you can think of that list both your assets and that could fulfil your needs. One you have done this analyse each position on the list and decide which one best fits the bill.

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