September Horoscopes

September 1, 2010

September Horoscopes

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Sizzling sexual tension has your head in a spin. In fact with intense and passionate energy surrounding everything you do and the full moon timed to arrive with the equinox, by the last week of September the extraordinary synchronicity of events will have you believing in miracles. If any key decisions are pending, the time to act is right now.


You have just embarked on a period of hard work that will span the next couple of years, but there are also things to attend to in your personal life. Venus and Mars are involved in a romantic embrace, so be sure to make time to relax. Beautiful experiences are to be treasured, and this is one you don’t want to miss. Since you can’t be in two places at once, ensure you delegate some work.


Things get back to semi-normal after the 12th with a new routine now slated. There is a great deal to be done, but at first you might have to play catch up. They say that the early bird catches the worm, which is true, provided you know where the worms are hiding. Not only will you have to start out early, but you might have to dig around a bit to locate the best of them.


You are like a cog that clicks into place. Everything is going like clockwork with perfect timing. There is no better time than the present to step forward into a new leadership role. The hands of the clock are pointing to high noon. Though you might continue to mull over your ultimate destiny at the same time you gain new skills and improve your bank balance. Say yes to all offers.


Drama unfolds on the domestic front or within the extended family. As you attempt to deal with the problem, a great many things are in transition. A blessing in disguise may arrive in the form of a friend who needs your help. While you’d rather not be bothered and probably don’t have the time, you’ll discover they’ll be a great help just when you need it most.


You have a great deal of forward momentum, but applying the brakes gently will prevent you spinning out of control. You might feel like you are living in Dr Who’s Tardis, but even if you are the most organised Virgo on the planet there are limits. The universe simply will not fit inside a telephone box! Stop for a moment before deciding which ideas get the green light, before you focus. Less is more than enough.


You might be starting to realise just how much work is ahead of you. (Deep sigh!) And be getting a taste of how organised you need to be. (Deep breath.) By the equinox the need to handball some tasks will become apparent. (Deep sigh!) Fear not; just ask for help and keep breathing! There is a long road ahead, so lighten up… your attitude as well as the load you are carrying.


From now until October everything become infused with intense passion as Venus and Mars put on a dazzling display in the evening skies. Mid month these cosmic lovers move even closer, their intimate embrace asks you to let down your guard and adjust to a more intimate arrangement. If you are feeling suspicious of another’s motives there may be some tension to iron out. Just open up and relax.


A long term plan is germinating in your imagination. Your dream is achievable; but it will take both vision and hard work to make it a reality. Do your homework first then draw up a blueprint; you have time on your side as Jupiter is retrograde until November. After that you will be able to harness your creative momentum more fully and really get going.


It’s crunch time. You might be at a crossroads. The only person who can decide which way to go is you. Underneath the brave face you show the world, you are an instinctive being, so forget pragmatism, appearances, caution and even practical considerations if they are blocking you, or causing you to procrastinate. Just go with your gut feeling.


In the background, in the unconscious recesses of your highly intelligent mind, there is a growing awareness of the size and shape of a missing piece of the puzzle you are trying to figure out. This might be an irregular shaped piece, uncommon perhaps and hard to find, but it’s the only one you need to complete the full picture. You might be looking in small nooks and crannies, but it’s more likely to be right under your nose.


The average Pisces is not that focused on material possessions, but the fact is you still have to live in the real world. The full moon on Sept 23 illuminates your money zone ushering in a more conscious and responsible attitude around debts, resources and possessions. If you need to, get some help to work out a budget and financial plan with realistic and achievable goals.

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