Seriously hot sex books for women!

August 25, 2009

Looking for something a little bit raunchy to burn the midnight oil with? These erotic fiction picks are the perfect partner!

By Denis Robertz
$23.99, Allen & Unwin
Released Aug 31st, 2009


An intense, erotic power play between a man and a woman. Hes 39, dried up and waiting for better days. Shes ten years younger and not doing anything much. Both married, both bored. Its lust at first sight. And so they shag each other and keep on doing so, just about everywhere in just about every way. Drugged on each other, they want more. They dont talk, but they do keep notes, filling the pages of this short, shattering novel. Their erotic journey begins in a hotel room, and ends in a toilet cubicle. Happiness is not a love story.

SheSaid says: Wow! Get comfy for this one because it’s as erotic as they come. It’s told from both the male and female side which makes it still enjoyable to women. “Happiness” isn’t a famous French novel for nothing so be prepared for threesomes, lesbian scenes, swingers clubs and a whole lot more!

Affection: a memoir of love, sex and intimacy
By Krissy Kneen
$32.95, The Text Publishing Company
Available now

Krissy Kneen doesn’t just like sex – she’s madly in love with it. Her voracious appetite for sex is rarely sated and her quest for gratification has led her down some weird and often risqué paths during her lifetime. Anxious about her impending fortieth birthday, Kneen decided to articulate her ongoing obsession with sex in her debut memoir, Affection.

Kneen’s exploration of her sexual history touches on universal aspects such as love and commitment and addresses the fine line we sometimes tread between obsession and addiction. Her prose is both elegant and evocative, and her myriad sexual encounters range from sensual enlightenment to graphic compulsion.

Kneen is an innovative voice in the new wave of Australian female writers and her memoir engages critically with issues of sexuality and intimacy – and their often contradictory relationship. Wowsers quick to discredit this work are simply missing out an honest and intellectual exploration of the most fundamental (yet often repressed) drives of human beings.

SheSaid says: Voyeuristically erotic this is a great mix between story and sex. Honest, funny and engaging – a nice one for us women.

Do You Want Sex With That?
By Claire Halliday
$29.95, Penguin Group
Released Aug 31st, 2009

Sitting in a meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous, Claire Halliday insists to herself she’s there for research. But while trying to work out what to say when her turn comes, she begins to wonder whether we aren’t all sex addicts now.

Like sugar, sex is in everything, from Bratz dolls to internet porn. On your television, on your radio, along the side of the road; in your inbox, your handheld and your frontpage. It sells and – particularly if you’re a parent – it terrifies. It has always excited and disgusted, but now it does both things simultaneously, all the time.

Combining memoir and reportage, Claire Halliday considers the place of sex throughout Australian life: from lounging about at the beach, to the pervasive sexualisation of advertising and children, to the more minority pursuits of swinging and porn-films, as well as the rise of the abstinence movement. She explores the issues with unsparing candour testing them against her own life and her own feelings rather than abstract ideals. The result is inquiring, challenging and fascinating. Who, after all, doesn’t like sex? Just . . . perhaps . . . not right now.

SheSaid says: An honest, compelling account of one woman’s journey through the issues and feelings of sex. More interesting and thought provoking that full-blown erotic but still worth a read!

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