Seven Days to Better Sex


Is your sex life getting you down? We’ve created the seven days to better sex plan. Just follow a different tip every day to get your mojo back between the sheets.

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It’s time to spice up how you live your sex life. Below are seven tips to increase your sex life.

1. Love yourself

The first step to better sex is accepting your body. Embrace it! Love your lumps and bumps – they’re part of you. Insecurities show, and this important confidence boost will play a huge role in improving your sex life – and your self-esteem overall.

2. Challenge yourself with change

We all get used to the same old scenarios and positions, but tonight, mix it up and give boredom the flick. Try a new sexual position. Being open-minded to your partner’s suggestions. Explore your fantasies and your partner’s as well.

3. What turns you on it?

It’s time to voice what turns you on and share it with your partner, and listen to what turns them on. Being able to share your sexual thoughts is an important step in communication.

4. Don’t be shy with the foreplay

Remember how great foreplay was when you first started dating? It’s like that delicious amuse bouche before a sumptuous dinner. Don’t rush into sex – tonight, linger over kissing, touching, and playing.

5. Make some noise

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing your partner moan in bed! Same goes for you – demonstrate how good it feels. It doesn’t hurt to talk dirty either.

6. Be intimate

Sex is more than just a race to orgasm. When you get home from work, kiss your partner on the back of the neck. Shower together. Enjoy a glass of wine with the lights turned low. Practise small tokens of intimacy every day.

7. Get your endorphins on

Exercise releases natural endorphins which make you feel amazing for hours afterwards, so tonight, get sweaty together before you even hop under the sheets. Go for a jog together, hit the gym, or enjoy a bike ride after work. You’ll love how good it makes you feel!