Here’s How Much Sex You’ll Have In 2018, According To Your Zodiac

January 16, 2018

Are things heating up or cooling down for your sign this year?

As 2018 unfolds, we all wonder what the coming year will bring.

Will we find success in our careers and our relationships? How many more powerful men will be outed as sexual harassers and abusers? Which celebrity couples will split? What beauty trends will we go crazy for, and which ones will just be crazy?

And, perhaps most importantly, how much sex will we all be having during all of this – and how good will it be? If you believe in astrology – or even if you don’t – here’s what the stars have to say about your sex life in 2018.


Jupiter has been transiting Aries’ intimacy sector since late last year, and will continue to do so until November 2018, bringing depth and connection to your sex life. This year, it’s not about the quantity of sex you have; it’s about the quality. You’re more open and ready to share yourself now. It’s the perfect time to slow down and focus on one partner who can match you in willingness to explore, try new things, and really go deep. Want to get really vulnerable with your partner? Try masturbating in front of each other.


Things don’t look great for you at the beginning of the year, Taurus. Mars is butting into your intimacy sector from January through March, heating up any existing conflicts around sex and money in your partnerships. Specifically, arguments about money could keep you from having much sex. The full moon at the beginning of March could bring a revelation, and when Venus moves into your sign at the end of the month, the time will be ripe for a fresh start. Take advantage of this period: Venus will stay with you throughout April, helping you turn on the charm and attract a partner – or reignite an existing partnership that suffered while Mars was visiting.


Settle in for a rough few years, my friend. Saturn entered Gemini’s intimacy sector in December of last year, and is going to stay parked there until December 2020. Saturn brings things into focus and doesn’t mess around: it’s time to take stock of power dynamics, intimacy issues, and your own needs in a relationship. This will be a time of great self-awareness, where fantasies are stripped away and reality insists on being acknowledged. This is no time for game-playing or fun romps in the sack. In fact, it might be a good idea to get really good at pleasuring yourself for the foreseeable future.


Good news for single Cancers: Jupiter is in your solar fifth house until November of 2018, signifying easygoing and fun times, specifically when it comes to dating and romance. This year is all about casual relationships, creativity, and play. You’re likely to easily connect with others, but they might not be lasting relationships. This is the perfect chance to relish your freedom, enjoy yourself, and break out some new sex toys.


From mid-May through mid-August, Mars will be in retrograde in your partnership sector. This gives you a chance to reassess the way you approach your sex life, and find better ways of attracting – and keeping – the right partner. You might find that more assertive people are coming into your life during this time, and coming on strong. This is no time to back down: if you are confident and ready to meet the challenge, you could finally find that elusive partner who’s just as fiery as you are between the sheets. Be ready with your hottest moves.


Communications is the word for you in 2018, Virgo. Neptune and Jupiter are in your sign for most of the year, opening up the lines of communication and making it easy for you to connect with others. If you’re in a committed partnership, this can translate to lots of great, playful sex where both of you are getting your needs met in ways you were too shy to talk about before. If you’re single, it’s the perfect time to go on fun dates that can lead to more. Pluto in your romance sector gives you plenty of opportunity to meet someone special, who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Does that mean experiencing all the different types of orgasms? Maybe!


Get ready to get kinky. From mid-May through early November, Uranus will be passing through your intimacy sector, bringing a changed attitude toward excitement and experimentation. Uranus also rules your romance sector, which could mean a new relationship is on the way, or an existing one will renew its spark. Your approach to intimacy and relationships during the year will be unconventional: could a three-way be in your future?


Scorpios will be dealing with a troublesome guest who won’t leave in 2018: Neptune in your romance sector. Neptune brings a transcendent quality to all your relationships, and sex can be part of this, but it can also bring people into your life who exert a confusing and destabilizing influence. Neptune weakens your boundaries, which is especially dangerous if you already tend toward codependent behavior. Whether you’re single or partnered, you could be seeing what you want to see in a parter, not what is actually there. Watch out for sex that’s so amazing, it blinds you to the fact that your partner is emotionally unavailable. It’s not your job to save anyone – no matter how good the chemistry is. Great sex, unfortunately, could easily lead to a broken heart under these conditions.


Good news! In 2018, Saturn is finally leaving Sagittarius, not to return for another 28-30 years. Jupiter will swoop in near the end of the year, heralding the return of your usual optimistic, happy-go-lucky self that’s been in retreat under Saturn’s rule. This means you’re likely to enjoy a sexual awakening. (If you’ve never tried anal sex, now is the time.) If you’re in a committed partnership, beware: this transit is about rediscovering your independence, not being tied down. Before Jupiter’s entrance in November, you’ll find it’s time to say goodbye to things that no longer serve you. If you’re holding on to a relationship that’s been over for some time, you need to let it go, reassess, and start fresh.


If you want to have a hot sex life this year, Capricorn, you’re going to have to stop pushing people away. With Saturn recently entering your sign, you’re taking yourself way too seriously – and alienating your loved ones in the process. Projecting stress and negativity is hardly a turn-on. It could be that this simply isn’t the year for you to focus on your sex life with others. If you truly want to retreat inside yourself and get your life in order without the distraction of romance and sex, get yourself some great sex toys and spend some quality time with yourself.


Since Mercury rules your romance sector, Aquarius, you’re particularly susceptible to Mercury in retrograde. When Mercury is in retrograde, communication breaks down, relationships get confusing, and your sex life slows down. In 2018, this will happen three times: from mid-March to mid-April, late July to mid-August, and mid-November through early December. In the July/August retrograde, look for an old lover to possibly show up again. If this is a relationship you’d like to revisit, go slow and come at things with a new perspective. When Mercury leaves its retrograde state, you could be in for some very sweet intimate moments. Learn some new tricks in bed and take advantage.


If you haven’t had luck with online dating before, this could be your year. From mid-May through early November, the stars align to make conditions favorable to connect with partners online, or in an educational setting. If you’ve always wanted to take a class, this is a great time – you may learn more than you bargained for! It’s the perfect time to open your mind to new interests and discover new sexual pleasures. There’s also a window from mid-February through early March where Mercury will be in Pisces, putting you in your best light and making you irresistible to potential partners.

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