Sex and the City – End of an Era

November 16, 2004

Sex and the City – End of an Era

Sniff sniff… it’s all over
Were you one of the thousands of Australian women who tuned into the final Sex and the City episode on Monday night? It was a momentous occasion ? six years of seeing to the girls go through man after man, feeling for them each time their heart is broken and wishing we all could have as many dates (and shoes for that matter) as Carrie Bradshaw. But how did you think it should have ended up? Were you happy with Carrie ending up with Big (or John as we now know!). Did you like the fact that all the women ended up with a bloke? Idealistic or romantic? Tell us your thoughts and selected opinions will be in our next entertainment article. Email us

Ashlee’s hoping for a second chance
Ashlee Simpson is apparently begging bosses to let her sing again on Saturday Night Live. After her lip syncing disaster, she is desperate to make amends and attempt to salvage what?s left of her career. An insider says, “They’re trying to work something out.”…
Britney Spears is planning on going back to college. She has enrolled in Perrerdine College near her Malibu home. According to a source, ?Despite all the money she has, Britney is getting bored. She is enjoying her current newlywed status, but even she knows that fame won’t last forever.?

Josh Hartnett
Celebrity Prediction – Josh Harnett
This young Hollywood heart throb has been keeping a low profile for the past two years, but that is all about to change. A recent split from a long term relationship will see Josh taking all opportunities to spread his wings. Not one to waste time, we are going to see many different ladies coming and going in his world. They are just flirtations and there won?t be anyone serious heading into his life until 2006. A rivalry with a fellow actor of similar age will erupt into the tabloids, leaving Josh cynical of the Hollywood system. He will also consider quitting, but an unexpected opportunity will land in his lap, allowing him to play the lead in a big budget blockbuster film which will reach us on the big screen in early 2006.
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