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Sex and the City Fashion: The Jewellery

Sex and the City Fashion: The Jewellery

Want a little piece of Carrie Bradshaw? Otazu jewelery, now available in Australia, is featured extensively in “Sex And The City 2” (pictured above) adorning the necks, fingers, ears and wrists of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

New York City based designer Rodrigo Otazu refers to New York as his ‘eternal source of inspiration’, his passion for the City translated into designs that are unique, exciting and timeless. Check out what he had to say:

Rodrigo Otazu

Is this the first time your jewelry will appear in a movie like this?

Well, I was in Austin Powers movie in the times when Britney was Britney. She wore my jewelry and back then she was a lot bigger than Sarah Jessica Parker.
But this movie is about fashion and who is wearing what. That is exactly what I love – FASHION! It makes me so happy to see my work on the girls.

Did you specially design any pieces for a particular character? Who and what?

Well it was a recompilation of several collections. The film had a direction on each and every personality so it was easy to match all the styles I had been working on.
That is what I love about my work – I can combine pearls with stones and chains and get a special and unique design. When I turn it all around I will make something new again. I feel so much energy coming out of my body!

How did your jewelry get in the movie?

I was working at Bendel’s on the fashion night out organized by Anna Wintour. My stylist friend Kite Bruster who works with Beyonce, Tyra Banks and many more amazing ladies, invited me for a cup of coffee in his agency. I went there and someone sent me an e-mail on my blackberry. This was a picture of a girl with gorgeous taste wearing nothing but my work. My blackberry was quickly taken out of my hands and went to the manager who called Patricia Fields. A few minutes later she was in the office watching my show on you tube. The deal was set – I had 24 hours to show her my work. The following day the office turned into a glam party with all the pieces lying all over the desks, seats…It was a fashion show!

How can your designs in the movie be purchased by your fans?

For Australian stockist enquiries, you can email Liberta Jewel at or phone Liberta Jewel on 0412 193 763.

How do you like living in New York?

Oh my God! Do you have the time? We can be here for days talking about it!

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