Sex and the City Gossip: Kim Cattrall not on a manhunt

June 1, 2010

Kim Cattrall won’t go “hunting” for men.

The actress – who reprises her role as maneater Samantha Jones in ‘Sex and the City 2’ – insists her on-screen persona is far more confident around the opposite sex than she is, as she is “hopeless” at meeting dates.

She said: “Am I at all like Samantha? God lord, no. I’m hopeless at picking up men. I’ve never gone hunting in that way. I’m no cougar. It only works for me if a relationship develops.”

The 53-year-old star – who has been married twice – also claimed her previous relationships had failed because her career has always been her top priority.

She said: “There is one central theme to the breakdown of them all – and that’s work. Acting is all consuming to me, and I realise it takes a very understanding man to appreciate that. No man likes to be stuck at home, playing second fiddle to his wife’s working life.

“I work all hours and travel quite a lot. It’s very easy to grow apart when you are spending 12 hours on a film set, playing someone else. It eats up your time and energy.”

Despite this, Kim – who has been single since splitting from long-term partner Alan Wyse last year – is confident she’ll meet the perfect man, but doesn’t expect marriage again.

She added: “I’m convinced I will enjoy another relationship at some stage in the future. I remain optimistic about that. As for marriage, I think that is unlikely. It does not seem to work for me.”

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