‘Sex and the City’ Heads to the Big Screen

February 24, 2004

‘Sex and the City’ Heads to the Big Screen

Sex and the City
Sex and the City

Jude Law still believes in love
It has been reported in the UK (The Sun newspaper) that Jude Law says he’s still close to his ex-wife Sadie Frost despite their bitter split. The star of Cold Mountain believes the break-up was a “positive” experience that has made the couple “stronger”, says The Sun. In a real about face, the actor has gone on to say that “I still consider myself a part of a very loving family. No one will ever take that away from Sadie and me and our children.” Pity they didn?t remember that when they were both slagging one other through the worlds media outlets last year. Law, 31 and actress Sadie, 38, who were married for six years, got divorced last October. But the good news for new young girlfriend, actress Sienna Miller is that Law says “I still have great faith in love.” Bet her mum will be happy to hear that!

Meg Ryan longing for love
Meg Ryan has told a German Magazine Das Goldene Blatt that she wants another child, preferably a girl, and she’s still looking for Mr Right. “I’m enjoying being single and I’ve met a couple of interesting men,” 42-year-old Ryan “But I’m still looking for Mr Right.”

Ryan then went on to list the characteristics her ?ideal man? should possess, she said the man of her dreams had to have certain qualities: “He should have integrity. He should do what he says he’ll do. I find that sexy.” The actress called her 11-year-old son Jack “the centre of her life” but also admitted that she would like to have another child. “I would really love to have a little girl. But if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay,” said Ryan. The actress also revealed that in her private life she was nothing like her squeaky clean image: “Okay, I admit I’ve played a lot of blonde sweeties, but there’s a huge difference between my film image and the real Meg Ryan.” Bet Rusty Crowe could enlighten us as to Meg?s darkside and just how far from her ?America?s Favourite Sweetheart? she really is?

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