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Sex Bombs

Sex Bombs

If you?ve ever been tempted to get into something a little spicy, but you?re not sure where to start, Sex Bombs could be a dream come true?What?s a Sex Bomb? I hear you ask?

Sex Bombs are passion parcels packed with lots of sexy and sensual products from the queen of pleasure, Sharon Austen.

There?s something for every budget ? and something to please everyone. From videos, to toys and more? Here?s a peek.

Eros Platinum Subscription

Get started with a Mini Vibe, Ansell Lube-Sachets, Condoms (Twin Pack) and an Eros magazine. Plus you get some Duo Balls. These soft rubber balls have harder balls inside them. They can be worn discreetly all day and can bring orgasm after orgasm as they roll around inside you.

All for only $49.95

Super Sex Bomb

Would you like a more adventurous sexlife? Do you like playing naughty games together, making love and enjoying sex? Well, this package is pure sexual dynamite, filled to the brim with a staggering variety of naughty sex treats!

You?ll get Duo Balls, Clitoral Stimulator, The Sharon Austen Sydney Starlet vibrator,

two videos Dicovering Extraordinary Sex and Becoming Orgasmic.Transform your sex life for only $69.95

Ordinary Couples

This DVD super pack features titles from the great Ordinary Couples range including Ordinary Couples 1 Discovering Extraordinary Sex (R), Ordinary Couples 2 Getting Creative (R), Ordinary Couples 3 Keeping Sex Extraordinary (R), How to seduce your lover forever (R).

Your erotic journey of shared discovery starts here as you learn how to revitalise your relationship and celebrate each others bodies and senses.

Total value $160 ? yours for only $90!

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