Sex Or Shopping: Which Is Better?

September 16, 2010

Sex Or Shopping: Which Is Better?

A new study has confirmed that women get the same amount of emotional arousal by shopping as they do with sex.

The analysis by the University of Westminster was done on a 10-point scale, with rates between 5 and 7 corresponding to the state of sexual stimulation. Emotional arousal on the same scale was registered by people, mostly women, who were enjoying retail therapy.

Interestingly it also found that people who were given a gift, discount coupon or offered to take part in a promotional store event became just as stimulated as if they were having sex.

Scientists say this is the reason that sales always do well, as bargain hunting releases the same endorphins as having sex and makes us feel really good.

What do you think? Is the rush from shopping better than the rush from sex?

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