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Sex Secrets of the Stars

Sex Secrets of the Stars

Durex have put together a pocket sized guide called Zodiac Passions – An Astral Guide for Lovers. It’s a cheeky look at what tickles the fancy of each and every star sign. Is what they say about you true? Why not find out what gets the object of your desire all hot and bothered. But be warned – this is grown-up stuff only?Gemini Gemini’s like to be taken by surprise. One of your secret fantasies is to have sex in the back seat of a car. Sensual and sensory you also like to keep the light on.

Cancer You are more aggressive in sex than you appear. You like to dominate rather than surrender and your imagination runs wild with creative fantasies to stimulate stronger orgasms.

Leo You project a sexiness that few can resist. You have an inexhaustible need to initiate the first move and love prolonged and intensely stimulating foreplay as much as the sex act itself.

Virgo Cool and sultry with an insatiable need to be prepared for your lover’s every need, you enjoy sex as a healing and erotic experience like in a large spa laced with exotic oils.

Libra Librans like to tease their lovers without mercy. Sex for you needs to be like a glamorous picnic with many appetizers before the main course, preferably at a luxury hotel.

Scorpio A trusty lover, variety is the spice of your sex life. Once turned on you do not want to stop and the torch can burn way into the night. You may tolerate a slow start but demand a hot climax.

Aries With sex you take risks and need a lover who is competitive and open minded. Ready to throw yourself into the sexual act at a moment’s notice, your secret fantasy is a public performance.

Taurus You like to be touched and fondled slowly over ever inch of your body, while your gentle tender touch and caresses excite your lover. One long kiss can bring your partner to climax.

Sagittarius You pulse with raw sexual energy and pursue your lusty desires like a gladiator in the arena. The more outrageous the sexual experience, the better you like it.

Capricorn Unpredictable that’s what you are. Pretending to enjoy a slow, gentle start to sex with your partner on top in full control, when you prefer it on top. You like to shout, nibble, scratch and even bite with abandon.

Aquarious A sexual show off, you enjoy experimentation and seldom say no to the demands of your lover. You invent all kinds of erotic experiences. You are the ultimate sexual therapist who can bring their partner to climax with words.

Pisces A sexual artist capable of playing many roles, you love to submit to your lover’s pleasure. The more outrageous the demand, the better you like it. You can win your lover’s heart by making yourself sexually indispensable.

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