Sex Survey

November 9, 2004

Sex Survey

Do Aussies do it more or less than people in Europe, America or Asia? Which country likes the most toys?! Durex reveals all in their international sex survey!

Over 350,000 people worldwide were surveyed, and unfortunately we aren?t the winners when it comes to frequency of sex. On average, we get a bit hot and heavy around 103 times a year, the global average. We?re definitely getting more than the Japanese ? they only get lucky on average 46 times a year. The French are the winners in this category though ? not only are they rumoured to have the most romantic city; they get the most loving with an average of 137 times a year! Who?s moving to Paris?!

Oh well, it?s quality, not quantity that counts, right? So how often do Australians orgasm? Only 33% of times we make love apparently, just shy of the global average of 35%. But who are the lucky ones on top (no pun intended)? It seems the rumours are true here too ? the Italians prove the theory that they?re great lovers, orgasming 61% of the time. Not so lucky are the Chinese, who only orgasm 19% of the time.

We all know sex isn?t all about the deed itself ? sometimes the lead up is just as fun. So how long do we spend on foreplay? At 19 minutes, Australia was below the average by 0.7 of a minute. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom topped the poll, spending 22 and a half minutes on the warm up. And who gets straight to it? Thailand; with only 11.5 minutes on foreplay.

What do you think the sexiest feature of the opposite sex is? The eyes? If so, 19% of Australians agreed with you, the highest choice. Other options include a toned body, attitude and smile, all at 12%. At the opposite end of the scale, Australians aren?t impressed with wealth, age and hair colour.

How about toys and sexual indulgences? 55% of Australians have watched porn with their partners, well above the global average of 35%. We must have better productions over here! 47% of us have used a sex toy during sex and 40% of us have used blindfolds and/or handcuffs. Only 27% of us hadn’t used any of the mentioned items, a list which also included videoing or photographing your partner during sex, roleplay, spanking and dressing up.

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