Sex tips for the time poor couple

June 22, 2004

Instead of slapping the alarm clock and sleeping for another ten minutes, think about the perfect opportunity that is lying next to you. We all know his testosterone levels are way up first thing in the morning, so why not have some lazy loving. According to How to be a Sex Goddess, the spooning position is perfect for this ? he lies behind you and you part your legs. It?s best if you bend forward a little so your bottom is right up against him, and soon you?ll be rocking gently to orgasm. What a way to start the day!

If you didn?t quite get the energy to bonk in bed, why don?t you try showering together. Obviously standing up sex is best for this one, as explained by How to be a Sex Goddess. Unless you?re the same height, the only way this one works is for him to stand behind you as you face the wall. Arch your back so your bottom is sticking out and he can either put his hands around you or against the wall as well to balance you both out. Not only do you save money by showering together, but you save time by combining quality time with your cleansing routine! Bonus!

You may not be in the mood for nookie after enduring a long day at work, but what about starting the foreplay early, like around 10am. Trade emails about exactly what you want to do to each when you see each other again. Not only will you be rushing home early, suddenly charging to the bedroom to release all the pressure will be much more satisfying than zonking out in front of the TV. And you?ll have a renewed appetite for dinner!

Sex is an important part of any relationship, and it?s good for your body and your soul. It releases endorphins that make you feel warm and fuzzy. It?s relaxing ? if you have it in the morning, no doubt you?ll have a better day. And if you have it at night, you?ll probably sleep more soundly and trouble free. So what are you waiting for!

For more great tips on different sexual positions, new ways of seduction and x-rated sex, check out How to be a Sex Goddess. Carlton Publishers, RRP $39.95 but only $35.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop.

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