13 Anal Sex Toys To Make Your First Time Less Scary

March 27, 2019

Turn anal sex from “Ahhhh!” to “Ahhh-may-zing”…

There is one sex trend that continues to grow in popularity more and more – we’re really into butt stuff.

We just can’t get enough of everything anal, from rim-jobs and anal sex to pegging and anal sex toys, but while the once-taboo sex act is now at the top of many of our to-do lists, one thing about anal hasn’t changed – it can be scary AF to start.

A lot of us aren’t used to the sensation of things going inside our backsides, and anal sex toys often look intimidating and daunting, so knowing where to start can turn people off before they even try. But it doesn’t have to be so scary.

Provided you start slow, use loads of lube (seriously, so much lube), and if you’re playing with a partner, communicate honestly and clearly about what you’re feeling and your personal boundaries, anal play can be mind-blowing.

If you’re looking to bring anal play into your sex repertoire in a way which isn’t scary, these products will cover all of your backdoor bases and ease you into a new sexual experience…

1. System Jo Anal H20 Lubricant

Adult Toy Mega Store anal lube

Before even entertaining the idea of putting anything up your butt, you have to have lube handy, and not all lubes are created equal when it comes to anal sex. With butt-stuff, the thicker the lube is, the better, as it gives extra cushion to protect the delicate skin and body parts involved in anal play. The System Jo Anal H20 Lubricant is extra thick, long-lasting, water-based and latex-safe, and is totally compatible with all kinds of toys – it ticks all of the lube boxes for all different types of anal play.

Buy it HERE.

2. Icicles Glass Butt Plug No 48 – Pink

Adult Toy Mega Store glass butt plug

Backdoor beginners might not know that there are actually two different kinds of butt plugs which are used for two different sensations – one type is made for movement inside the body, and the other kind is designed to sit static, increase the pressure ‘down there’ and amplify the pleasure of sex. This is the latter type of butt plug. Made of hand-blown glass in a stunning pink color, with a cute flower, this glass plug is a great option for your first static butt plug. And it’s dishwasher safe, so clean-up is easy (a welcome bonus when it comes to anal toys…)

Buy it HERE.

3. Climax Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads

Adult Toy Mega Store anal beads

Looking for a little bit more excitement backdoors? These silicone vibrating anal beads are a must-have toy for any beginner’s collection. The toy is around five inches long (just about the size of the average penis) and the gradual increase in the size of the beads means you can start to train your behind with them – which is getting your anus used to having things inserted into it. Really, until real penises can vibrate, this is the next best option.

Buy it HERE.

4. Petite Sensations Teaser

Adult Toy Mega Store anal teaser

If vibrating really gets your motor running, the Petite Sensations Teaser is the toy for you. It’s fantastic for beginners because you can choose whether you want to use it just as an internal stimulator with or without vibrations, so it isn’t daunting, and it has very gentle and smooth curves.

Buy it HERE.

5. Launch Anal Trainer Set by American Pop

Adult Toy Mega Store anal trainer

For backdoor beginners who are interested in bringing in more butt stuff, an anal trainer set is your behind’s bread and butter. These three silicone toys in three graduating sizes will allow you to gently expand your anal experience in a way that’s safe, slow and not a massive shock to the system.

Buy it HERE.

6. Silicone Booty Exciter

Adult Toy Mega Store anal exciter

If you’re particularly adventurous and looking for something more intense than the previous few products, this vibrating butt plug is your secret weapon. It’s the second kind of butt plug which is made for movement, not sitting still in the body, which means there is a number of new and exciting ways to play. This plug is great for both solo and partnered play.

Buy it HERE.

 7. Icicles Glass Wand No 57 – Pink

Adult Toy Mega Store glass dildo

This double-sided glass dildo is not just pretty – it’s an entire experience in itself. One side of this stunning toy is realistic in shape and the other is shaped and textured. If you want to experiment with temperatures, this made-to-last glass toy can be placed in the fridge if you’re craving a cool sensation or heated up in water if that’s what you’re hot and heavy. It really gives you the best of both worlds.

Buy it HERE.

8. B-Vibe Trio Plug – Black

Adult Toy Mega Store anal vibrating butt plug

Looking for a bigger buzz? This vibrating butt plug comes with a wireless remote control and triple motor action with eight intensity and nine vibration patterns, so there is guaranteed to be a combo of sensations you’ll love. Round out your rump collection with this every-feature-included plug.

Buy it HERE.

9. Sono No 27 Prostate Massager

Adult Toy Mega Store anal prostate massager

Guys, we’ve got you covered! This toy gives intense prostate stimulation which is perfect for P-spot play and is perfect for experimenting in your relationship and giving your guy a different kind of orgasm he might not have experienced before, or for solo play. The probe stimulates the prostate, and the toy also puts pressure on the taint, ensuring a full range of pleasure.

Buy it HERE.

10. B-Vibe USB Rechargeable Petite Rimming Plug – Purple

Adult Toy Mega Store anal rimming plug

If you’re interested in rimming but may be hesitant to get tongues involved – a daunting moment for any anal adventurer – than this is the butt plug for you. The toy has rotating beads which roll around to give a tickling rim job sensation, and can be used internally, or externally if you want to start there.

Buy it HERE.

11. WOW! Total Ecstasy 2 Vibrating Rabbit Massager – Pink

Adult Toy Mega Store anal double penetration vibrator

For the woman who wants more, this double penetration vibrator takes the classic and trusted rabbit vibe, which targets your g-spot and clitoris at the same time, and adds another penetrative option. If you’ve ever fantasized about double penetration and would like to play around with it on your own before bringing in a partner, this is the massager for you.

Buy it HERE.

12. Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit – Purple – One Size

Adult Toy Mega Store anal harness

If you like switching things up, we’ve got you pegged! Change the dynamic in your relationship with this beginners pegging kit. The smaller size toy is barely bigger than a finger, and so it is non-threatening and a great place to start if pegging is new territory for you, but comes with a larger size to build up to.

Buy it HERE.

13. Her Anal Kit

Adult Toy Mega Store her anal kit

Is all of this anal talk leaving you with lots of ideas and not enough time, or stumped at where to start? The Her Anal Kit is perfect. Because it’s a complete kit for a backdoor beginner, it comes with each kind of anal toy you’ll need, in similar sizes, so you can really see what kind of stimulation and toys you like – and it’s oh-so-pretty and pink.

Buy it HERE.

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