Sex with your best friend (con’t)

July 27, 2004

Sex with your best friend (con’t)
Having sex with your best friend can deepen the friendship to a point where you either proceed towards romance and a full-blown relationship, or you move on to other partners but can still enjoy the legacy of a profound connection with your best friend. Think of the sitcom ?Will and Grace?. Though they never consummated their friendship because Will is gay, there is often an element of sexual tension in the storyline. This is because sex is just another extension of a friendship. Sex is about touching, relating, and making each other?s body and mind feel good, and what?s wrong with all of those things? It?s really just friendship concentrated in the genitals!

Ok so there may be a measure of performance anxiety. The sex may be average, it may be mind-blowing, or it may be a disaster. But this is your greatest friend and neither of you would attempt to undermine the other?s confidence.

The only other consideration is to ask yourself if it?s more fun entertaining the crush than pursuing the actual sexual act.

When all?s said and done, if this man really is your best friend, then any discomfort that may arise from having done the wild thing together is going to be simply another one of those things you support each other through. It?s like the final frontier of a friendship but if you?re both mature enough to go there in the first place, then surely you?re mature enough to handle any potential fallout.

Gina Luca

* Gina is a freelance writer whose passion for talking to people on the Internet provides much inspiration for her writing.

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