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Sex with your best friend

Sex with your best friend

Sex with your best friend

Julia wanted a little more from her best friend
As if relationships weren?t complicated enough, sex with your best friend can throw a real spanner in the works. Not only is he the person who knows you the most intimately, albeit perhaps not physically, but he?s someone you value so much that you simply can?t afford to lose his friendship.

What to do, what to do?

All of a sudden, you?re single, he?s single and it could be the perfect time to try each other on for size. It seems like a natural extension of the friendship, right? He?s up for some horizontal fun, you?re inclined to feel the same way, so you consider how you?re always there for each other in regular circumstances. When you?re sad, doesn?t he hug you and wipe away your tears and commiserate about the rat who did you wrong? When he?s sick, don?t you check up on him, drive him to the doctor?s and get his prescription filled at the chemist? Fine, so you?d just be doing each other a favour and fulfilling an immediate physical need.

There are no trust issues. He?s your best friend, you always confide in him, he asks your opinion, and all problems can be solved. You can trust that sex with him will be safe because you know who he?s been with and what his condom policies are.

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