Sexsational furniture ideas!

June 14, 2005

Sexsational furniture ideas!

Loving Angles
Sexual therapists have been saying it for years ?great sex is all about getting into the right position. A small change in angle can mean a major change in sensation.
Loving Angles lounges may look like an ordinary piece of furniture but these ergonomically designed cushions have been designed with exploration & satisfaction in mind. Loving Angles have 5 shapes that look great and feel even better. Each shape can be used alone or in combos to create all the elevations and angles you need.

Light a few candles, arrange your loving-angles and any room is transformed into a sensual and erotic environment. Create that passionate environment or create that adventurous environment. Create the Kama Sutra environment! You don?t need to be a sexual gymnast to get adventurous. You just need the right supports and the desire to use them!

When you start combining your angles you’ll soon discover that the variety of new sexual positions is virtually endless. In a recent survey 81% said that they were not as fit or as supple as they hoped when trying adventurous positions. Loving-angles will give you the support you need to enjoy a wide range of challenging and exciting sexual positions. To stimulate your imagination further, you’ll receive a free guide that illustrates some of the most popular loving-angles positions. The rest is up to you?.

Sounds sexy, huh. Even Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, author of Urge: Hot Secrets for Great Sex verifies the product, saying ?For the pursuit of pleasure, loving-angles is the ultimate Lovemaking accessory. I highly recommend this product for an instant
Lovelife transformation.” For more information, check out www.loving-angles.com.au

The latest phenomenon in lounge room chic, LoveSac, is set to take over lounge rooms across the nation! So what is a LoveSac? Well it?s not a damn beanbag that?s for sure! LoveSacs are filled with the lovely and luxurious DuraFoam, guaranteed not to go flat for two lifetimes (200 years), and unlike other inferior products you won?t have to worry about leaking beans of flat furniture. These foam filled cushions-of-love come in sizes ranging from a comfortable 2ft to a whopping 8ft! With an eight foot SuperSac you really can fill your lounge room with love, or share the love by adding a LoveSac to your play area, entertainment room, guest room or office.

This winter LoveSac will be introducing a faux fur range (including zebra and monkey fur) as well as expanding their corduroy and MicroSuede range. Other fabrics on offer include Denim, Dirty Denim, Velvet, Rip-Stop Cotton and Boa ? all in a range of colours to ensure your sac compliments your style. You can also accesorise your LoveSac with pillows, attachable pockets and duvets. (Keep an eye out for the upcoming LoveSac apparel range)

There are currently three stores in Australia; Fox Studios and Chatswood Chase in Sydney as well as the newly opened Indooroopilly store in Brisbane. LoveSac Australia General Manager, David ?Woody? Woodward has adopted the living life oversized ethos and has plans to have twelve stores throughout the country operating by December 2005? making sure you share the love at your house.

You can also order online at www.lovesac.com.au or by calling 1300 130740.

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