Sexy, Bouncy Curls In A Flash

November 1, 2011

Give your straightener the flick. It’s time to bring sexy curls back, and party season is just the time to try a stunning new style. Get out the hot rollers – here’s how to get hot, bouncy curls in a flash.

“The mighty hot roller is probably the most under used and
understated hair tool”, says Dirty Girl’s Daniel Mostyn. “A set of hot rollers were once the epitome of big, glam and rock and pop star hair. They gave the definition
of body and bounce which everyone craved.

Let’s grab those little hotties and get rolling…

1. Ensure you have the right cut for the look; the most
popular and flawless look is the famous Victoria Secret
middle part fringe and soft, long seamless layering.

2. Turn on hot rollers for ample heating time. Shampoo
hair with a body building shampoo and only a little
conditioner through the ends so not to flatten the style.

3. Blast hair, removing 50% of the moisture, apply a
stronghold mousse to roots and mid-lengths.
Approximately a handful per side.

4. Throw head over and contnue to blast hair using fingers
to stretch the roots and create body while smoothing the

5. Take a vent brush to the roots to create more body and
smooth through to ends.

6. Make sure hair is completely dry. Section a part down the
middle, right to the back, then half each section to create
quarters. Enter, rollers! Remember, each section to have a roller inserted is to be sprayed with a soft hair spray, roots to ends.

7. Start on the back quarter sections. Take a section about the
same size as the roller (about an inch) at the base and start at
the ends, winding over the top of the roller to create
maximum movement and body.

8. Front sections: Take the sections going down the face on the
hairline and roll away from the face. This is so the movement
is flicking off the face rather than into the face.

9. Continue working backwards until complete and leave the
part flat. That’s the difference between a current sexy, soft,
dirty Victoria Secret-style and a “bad porn” style!

10. Spray all over with hair spray and leave to set/cool down for
30 minutes. Apply a little heat for the first 5 minutes to
maximize the lift of the style.

11. Gently pull rollers out one by one. Once complete, take some soft hold matt wax and work into palms of hands. Throw the head over and scrunch and mess
the curls out. Remember, this look isn’t prissy and neat; we
want a ‘slept in’ feel about the look, so get rough with it. Is
that man of yours is handy?!

Are you a fan of hot rollers?

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