Sexy fragrances for him and her

March 8, 2005

Sexy fragrances for him and her

We’ve spoken to Michel Germain – the creator of fragrance ‘s?x?al’. s?xūal pour homme is already the number 1 selling men?s fragrance at Bloomingdale?s in the US, and number 2 at The Bay in Canada, and has been in Myer stores since late last year.

SheSaid: Why is an attractive scent so alluring?
Michel Germain:Scent is strongly linked to emotion, much more than the other senses. It has the strength to push us away if it is unpleasant; and it has the power to draw us closer if it is warm and inviting. If a person is wearing a beautifully alluring fragrance it draws us nearer. If it sends out the right signals, it can arouse us in a more intimate, passionate manner.

SheSaid: What ingredients have you found to be the best aphrodisiacs
Michel Germain: The best aphrodisiacs are those that have for centuries been known to arouse men and women. We use these ancient aphrodisiacs in both our men?s and ladies? fragrances. In our ladies? fragrance, we blended rare Japanese Osmanthus, a small golden yellow flower treasured as a sexual stimulant, with Egyptian Jasmine and cinnamon. Egyptian Jasmine has been used for centuries in wedding ceremonies to increase sexual desire, while cinnamon anointed lovers to awaken their passionate selves. The men?s fragrance contains mouth-watering Indian basil. This scent, in oil form was used extensively in ancient India, Asia, and Greece as a royal ointment by kings who prized its virile and arousing properties. Asian sage provides the passionate warmth of this love potion. It is a rare, oriental spice known as a hot and stimulating oil. It was often mixed with wine on wedding nights as an addition to newlyweds? nuptials.

SheSaid: Aren?t people attracted to different scents, therefore how can one scent attract all types of people?
Michel Germain: It is possible to attract all types of people. s?x?al attracts all types of people. Not only does it contain some of the scents most appealing to everyone, (i.e. mouth-watering citrus accords and red rose for the ladies? fragrance, and Indian basil and Indian sandalwood for the men?s); but it contains aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs by nature appeal to the sexual instinct in all of us. It is a response over which we have no control. (We do have control over whether we act upon it, but not whether we have the initial response.) When people wear s?x?al, they find they receive more spontaneous kisses and hugs and then they write to thank us for helping make their day. I love it.

SheSaid: Why is s?x?al so appealing to the opposite sex?
Michel Germain: s?x?al is appealing to the opposite sex because it smells alluring and it contains ancient aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs appeal to our inner sexual being, so if a person near us is wearing s?x?al, we tend to be drawn to them, even if we are unaware on a conscious level that this is happening.

SheSaid: Are there any celebrities who have tried this scent and said they love it?
Michel Germain: Halle Berry has been a long time devoted s?x?al fan. She recently brought in her new male friend to buy him a fragrance as well.

s?x?al Eau de Toilette Spray 75ml $98.00
s?x?al Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml $128.00

Some other beautiful scents for you to try.

Boss Intense Shimmer Edition.
This spicy, floral fragrance adds to the Boss Intense range with an addition of shimmer. The fragrance actually contains small shimmering particles that add a fresh, vibrant feel to the d?collet?. The fragrance combines an intense Vanilla Orchid with Turkish Rose and floral hints of Jasmine. Base notes include the elegant Mysore sandalwood and Patchoulli tones. The fragrance is sensual, yet sweet and perfect for evening or day wear. Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml $115
Eau de Toilette Spray 90ml $153

Naked Fragrances
Naked are the new fragrances from POLICE and are deeply sensual scents for males and females. Naked Pour Homme is original and rich, while Naked Pour Femme is young and spicy. Plus, David Beckham has been signed as the face of POLICE for the next three years! You can?t get any more sexy than that…
The Naked Eau de Parfum and Eau De Toilette: Available in two sizes 75ml and 125ml starting from $80rrp.

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