‘She didn’t… Did she?’ – be the centre of office gossip with super sexy ‘just got out of bed’ hair. Use Andrew Collinge messed up moulding gum to create a ruffled, tousled style with lasting hold that’s guaranteed to get tongues wagging. Simply rub a small amount of gum between palms, clap hands to activate fibres and work through damp or dry hair from roots to ends to create the effect you want.

You’re running late, you have a meeting with the sexy new guy in marketing at 9am and your hair just won’t do want you want it to do.

supple hold styling cream

Bad hair days… let’s face it they always happen when we need them least. Don’t despair – take control and opt instead for a super sleek low ponytail. Work Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream through damp or dry hair, create a side part and pull your hair back into a low ponytail, or twist into a messy bun.

Keep Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax in your desk drawer for quick touch ups during the day. Rub a small amount of wax between palms or fingers then work it through to the ends to add definition and shine, or separate

messed up moulding gum

strands of hair with your fingers for a tousled textured style – perfect for a drink after work with the new guy from marketing!

Nothing can deflate your style like SPBU (styling product build up) – leaving your hair limp and dull, lacking energy and shine. Breathe new life back into your hair with Andrew Collinge revitalising shampoo and revitalising conditioner. Formulated to be mild enough for everyday, these revitalising products are designed to remove product build up and restore natural pH balance, leaving hair healthy and full of vitality, and screaming ‘sex appeal’ once more.

So the last time you had

revitalising shampoo & conditioner

one may have been in the playground… but nothing is better for making smouldering glances across the board room table than a fringe. Forget the heavy straight fringe inflicted upon you by your mother, we’re talking seriously sexy chopped layers, swept across the face seductively masking the eyes. Separate strands using Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax with your fingers for a textured finish.

All products are available from Coles supermarkets nationally.

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