Some Insider Sex tips for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2002

Want to learn to be the best in bed and really enjoy yourself? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, SheSaid asked a few guys to give us some insider tips on sex.

“One thing a woman should always do is flatter your sleeping partner. Don’t’ ever insult his shape or size. Nothing turns me off more when a girl tells me my abs could do with some work,” says 28 year-old Marketing Manager Mark. “Lets admit it – a little bit of flattery doesn’t hurt anyone. Especially in bed.” Mark admits if a girl makes him feel hot and sexy he will stop worrying about his personal image and really enjoy himself and her.

  1. Sean a 32 year-old Banker says, “To have steamy sex a girl needs to know what turns her on and not be ashamed about talking about it. She needs to be aware of her G-spot or what positions make her orgasm. I honestly prefer women who are open and honest about what is good for them. Communication is the key – being able to talk about what didn’t work and what did work is only going to improve your sex life with that girl.”

    Scott a 24-year old builder says, ” I don’t think steamy as you say sex has to involve intercourse. For many men oral sex is more passionate and more intense. Foreplay can be just as incredible as it forces you both to concentrate on both your bodies rather than just ‘sex’.”

  2. Twenty-nine year-old Tim says, ” One of the most attractive features of a girl is when she is totally happy with who she is. I often think what I like about myself and try to find a like-minded partner. The key to this is finding someone who treats you with respect and likes you for you. When you both respect each other your sex life will automatically be incredible.”
  3. Matthew, 24 year old student says, “Always make time for sex. don’t put it off. If you find your sex life is getting a little dull then try different positions or even locations such as a secluded beach.

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