Shania Twain Opens Up On Her Heartbreaking Divorce

May 16, 2011

Shania Twain Opens Up On Her Heartbreaking Divorce

Shania Twain has opened up about the pain she went through after finding out her husband of 14 years was having an affair – with her best friend of all people.

And how did she find out? It was her new husband – Frederic Thiebaud – who told her – because it was his ex-wife that was cheating on him with Twain’s husband, producer Mutt Lange.

“Of course I didn’t believe him,” Twain told Ellen DeGeneres last week, “and I thought for sure he was making it up. It was obviously just denial on my part. But he just said, ‘You know I have proof if you want it, and I’ve been following it now for a few weeks and I’ve got hotel bills and all kinds of details.'”

Twain has penned a memoir, From This Moment On, detailing the grieving process and how she and Thiebaud, 40, consoled each other, and eventually fell in love, marrying in January this year

“It was a very difficult time emotionally for both of us,” said Twain, 45. “I would say that he was probably stronger through it than I was. He was a tremendous support; we were a support to each other and really found something beautiful in the end and unexpected.”

“Life just has to play out the way its meant to, and how can I complain about the way it ended up?” she said.

She also describes how she confronted her supposed friend Marie-Anne – but it didn’t work out in her favour.

“I had a total panic attack,” she told People magazine.. “I just told her that she was a bad person – that’s all I could get out!”

“When I left her, I thought [to myself], ‘You’re such a wimp, you coward!’ That was my big moment, and I blew it!”

Twain recalls how low she felt after learning of the double betrayal. “I never contemplated killing myself,” she told Oprah Winfrey. “But certainly there were moments where I didn’t want to live. I wouldn’t have done anything about it, but I just lost my will to live.”

“During the course of my divorce, I dug a big hole and stopped growing and searching and had given up,” she added. “I realised I had to climb back out…you can only help yourself. Others can support you. Just asking myself what I was going to do helped make a place for optimism.”

Now the Grammy-award winning singer has her own show on Oprah’s new OWN Network called Why Not? and is enjoying living in the Bahamas with her new hubbie.

So how does she feel about Lange now? “I will always be upset with his behavior, of course, but I think i just have a much better understanding now that allows me to forgive,” she said.

What do you think? Could you forgive a cheating husband (and one that cheated with your best friend?)

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