Share Your Luckiest Travel Story To Win $2,000!

November 22, 2012

Travel and stories are good together, just like Virgin Money and travel insurance. That’s why Virgin Money is giving you the chance to win $2,000 by sharing your luckiest travel story – here’s how…

Who can forget when that monkey ran off with your camera in Thailand? You’re still sharing that story! Or that time the airline lost your luggage and you couldn’t speak the language so were stuck wearing the same clothes for a week?

Travel stories are always eager to find their way home – that’s why the postcard was invented. Back in the day, intrepid explorers would return from their voyages with tales of foreign lands and high seas. These days, we share travel stories through pictures and sharing them with the world through Facebook.

A lot can happen on holidays to provide a good story, and while we all deserve a relaxing break, unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. Flights get cancelled, we lose personal items (or worse, they get stolen!), credit cards get in the wrong hands, or luggage goes missing (it’s happened twice to us in just a year). Or take the example of a friend who last week arrived in Turkey for the holiday of a lifetime, only to come down with gallstones – she thought it was food poisoning!)

This is exactly why Virgin Money has launched Virgin Travel insurance – just in time for the holiday season. Virgin Travel Insurance provides peace of mind for travellers on both domestic and international trips, regardless of which airline you fly with. It’s a simple and affordable product backed by the Virgin promise of being there when consumers need it most (like right after that monkey makes a break for it!).

To celebrate the launch of Virgin Travel Insurance, Virgin Money is giving everyone the chance to win $2,000 by sharing your luckiest travel story! It’s so easy – just enter now at Virgin Money’s Facebook page!

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