She Said It: The Best Tweets Of This Week (15-22 September)

September 20, 2019

Oh yeah, she said it! This week women were tweeting about rape culture, pronouns, and body positivity. 

What a week it’s been!

As always, Team SHESAID are here to celebrate the highs and lows with a collection of the best tweets from this week.

Let’s break it down.

In current events, this week we saw Instagram finally crackdown on influencers promoting ‘skinny tea’ products and as a result, we all took leaps forward for the body confidence movement. Skinny tea, no not for me!

Sam Smith came out as non-binary and newsflash, changing the pronoun you use to address them really isn’t as hard as you think.

We also shine a light on the ever-present consequences of rape culture. The way the media ascribes blame to women in the wake of sexual assault is a very real concern and one that needs to be addressed immediately. Though it’s uncomfortable to have these conversations, it’s important to pinpoint what perpetuates this toxicity so we can dismantle the mechanisms that allow it to happen.

On that note, go forth ladies and pour yourself a glass of wine. Lord knows you deserve it.

Get cozy on your couch and brace yourself for the best tweets of this week…

1. A change in perspective

2. The best idea I’ve ever heard

3. On Sam Smith

4. The dangers of rape culture

5. It’s a lifestyle

6. Getting real about body love

7. Pronouns aren’t problems

8. Resting bitch face


10. Be your own biggest fan

11. Be nice to me please

12. WTF man

13. Bye-bye skinny tea

14. Growing up

15. The best feeling

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