She Said It: The Best Tweets Of This Week (11 – 17 November)

November 14, 2019

Oh yeah, she said it! This week, women were tweeting about feminism, food, and staying inside. 

The year is almost over and everyone is, well, tired.

Tired of the patriarchy, tired of working, tired of watching the world burn each and every day.

In an effort to make our readers feel less pessimistic about the state of the world as 2019 rounds out, we’ve collected the best of what women were tweeting about this week.

Take a little time out for yourself and scroll through these words of womanly wisdom… You’re about to see the best oh-so-relatable tweets of this week!

1. Big purchases

2. The joys of getting your period

3. Straight men be like

4. Where is the lie?

5. Your feelings are valid, but

6. When you’re not interested in kids

7. It’s 2019, after all

8. We stan a feminist and fashion icon

9. Book in advance

10. You love to see it

11. Listen to your body

12. What feminists really want

13. PSA about girlfriends

14. Pasta is a food group

15. Something nice to keep in mind

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