She Said It: The Best Tweets Of This Week (14 – 20 October)

October 17, 2019

Oh yeah, she said it! This week wonderful women were tweeting about adulthood, recycling and the burdens of being both funny and hot. 

Adulthood is hard.

As the year flies by our to-do lists get longer and it gets harder to juggle work, life, study, family, friends and more. It seems that everyone I speak to is on the brink of burn out so I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone!

The festive season is on its way but looking after your mental health takes priority over your to-do list. Always.

In an effort to make you lovely ladies feel less alone, we’ve compiled the best tweets of this week about the struggles of adulthood and everything that comes with it.

Take a little time out for you this weekend. Make a cup of herbal tea and get cozy. You’re about to see the best oh-so-relatable tweets of this week!

1. A hard life

2. The woes of recycling

3. I blame Lana

4. Bad bitch 101

5. A double standard

6. Adulting. Is. Hard.

7. Some tea

8. Millenial work culture

9. Sticker psychos

10. You deserve the hottest member of the boy band

11. Pickup trucks

12. Am I being difficult?

13. Friendly reminder that you are beautiful!

14. Rise and shine

15. A mood

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