She Said It: The Best Tweets Of This Week (July 8 – 14)

July 11, 2019

Oh yeah, she said it! This week, women were tweeting about soccer, mermaids and female friendships.

Ah, Twitter.

While Facebook is outdated and Instagram can overwhelming at times, Twitter has a little soft spot in the hearts of the SHESAID team (follow us if you’d like).

It’s where we go to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the world and for womenkind. But there are also jokes, and support groups, and tweets exposing the patriarchy, and double standards. Basically, Twitter is a gold-mine for witty and funny comments from womenfolk around the globe.

And so each week, we curate the best tweets written by and about women from Twitter. She said it, so we’ll share it in an effort to amplify the voices of women and issues related to women.

This week in current affairs, the US Women’s soccer team won their fourth World Cup, and so the discussion around equal pay in the sports industry was reignited. A woman of color was cast in the role of Ariel in Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid adaptation, and trolls had something to say about it.

Tweets about both of those topics are included in this weeks She Said It, and so are some other great tidbits to entertain, educate and (hopefully) alleviate some of the tension we all have living in today’s crazy world…

1. An important shout out

2. How far we’ve come

3. A response to the #NotMyAriel controversy

4. We all know this guy…

5. Clap back

6. Calling out the way the media reports on sexual predators

7. This quippy remark

8. Is there anything worse than mansplaining? Yes.

9. PSA:

10. This CRAZY idea…

11. Hands up if you relate to this?

12. Mind. Blown.

13. This truth-bomb

14. This great little tip

15. And this tweet in honor of #MalalaDay.

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