She Said It: The Best Tweets Of This Week (20-26 August)

August 22, 2019

Oh, yeah, she said it! This week some wonderfully woke women were tweeting about the Amazon, body positivity and learning to love yourself. 

Welcome one, welcome all to the best moments on the internet this week.

I wish I could come at you with a collection of comedy gold but there are some big issues women were tweeting about this week that deserve some serious attention.

‘Fatphobia’ is the worst we’ve seen it in a while as Weight Watchers released an app targeted at helping eight to 17-year-old girls lose weight. I’m sure I don’t have to emphasize how disgusting it is to sell weight loss to vulnerable young girls but it’s sickening that companies keep capitalizing off insecurity. I’m angry about it – and apparently so were you.

In other current events, the Amazon rainforest fire continues to burn into its third week. As if this massive threat to the worlds largest eco-system wasn’t frightening enough, the fact that it’s only just gaining media coverage leaves us questioning the priorities of major news outlets. The effects of climate change seem to only be growing in visibility and the internet had a lot to say about it.

As always, at Team SHESAID we believe in keeping a sense of humor through the tough times so we’ve sprinkled in some oh-so-relatable tweets about modern dating, the struggles of being productive and just how much we love vibrators.

This is your time to shine ladies. We’ve given you the mic to commentate the biggest issues of the week.

Drumroll, please!

1. The daily grind 

2. Warrior women

3. #StopBiErasure

4. The injustice of plane seating

5. ‘Fatphobia’ has gone too far

6. Emotional health is wealth

7. The dating advice we ALL need

8. Begging the climate not to change

9. The meaning of life

10. Anger won’t get you anywhere

11. When we care about obesity more than kids

12. A slice of truth

13. A harrowing thought

14. Lizzo: our Lord and Saviour

15. Our priorities need straightening out

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