SheSaid: I have a secret…

February 21, 2006

SheSaid: I have a secret…

Young, young love
“When I was twenty, I dated a guy for about six months. He was very sweet. There were some things that were odd about him, but I didn’t really pick up on them. You know, when you fancy someone, you tend to ignore the little strange things that happen. For example, he was only available on the weekends, never on a weeknight. Whenever we went out to clubs, he would always forget is ID, meaning sometimes we couldn’t get in. Also, he lived in a huge house in and expensive suburb and drove a brand new Mercedes. For someone my age, he was unusually rich. One day, he rang me up at work and confessed to me that he was actually only 16 years old! So, the reason he couldn’t go out during the week was because he was in grade eleven! He lived with his mum and drove her car when she wasn’t home, even though he didn’t even have a learners permit yet. I was disgusted. I broke up with him, but a week later he called me and begged me to come with him to his school formal…”

Secret Italian love
“I’m 31, married with two kids and have been having an affair with an 27-year-old Italian hotty. We met three years ago whilst walking my son to kindy and having my second child. My husband found text messages from him on my phone bill – silly me and has never really trusted me since. But we still have hot, passionate sex whenever we can. Being married from the age of 19, I never really experienced sex the way I do with him. I was a virgin when I got married, so yes, this Italian hotty knows what he does to me and yes, he just can’t get enough of me…….”

Affair with a happy ending
“I was in a relationship for over 17 years that had produced two children, we were going to get married right from the beginning but I just could not commit. I was (or thought I was) happy enough, but after the birth of my second child I went back to work almost immediately. When she was four, I started an affair with a married man who was nearly 20 years older than me. This affair continued for nearly 2 years without anyone suspecting or so I thought. It turns out my partner had started to secretly record all my activities in the house with his handycam and managed to catch me on the phone with my lover.
Well it was out in the open then and my lover and I decided that we wanted to be together, so I told my partner it was over and informed the children we were leaving. My eldest was 16 and said she wanted to stay with her father but the youngest was only eight and I took her with me.

“We went to a motel with my new boyfriend but my ex started causing all sorts of trouble and then the youngest decided she wanted Dad, by this time I was so overcome with guilt about what I had done I packed up and took my child and went home, my poor boyfriend was so upset that I left him crying in the hotel room. I got home and all my partner wanted was sex, so I obliged and the next morning after he had gone to work I was just standing there and realised what a terrible mistake I had made, rang my boyfriend and told him of my mistake, luckily for me he took me back, I again took my youngest with me. After a few more days she was so upset that she wanted to go back to her father, so I let her go.

“My boyfriend and I ended up getting married and have now been together for 20 years. I can honestly say that it has been the best 20 years of my life and the only regret I have is not being strong enough in insisting that my daughters live with me, as a result of this we are on very bad terms as my ex has used every trick in the book to turn them against me, and he did not even want the children in the first place.”

Naughty in the nude
When I was with my last boyfriend, I used to send pictures of myself to other guys naked (on the phone), in return for pictures of them naked. He went through my inbox and needless to say we broke up.

Schoolies tryst
“A few years ago, i had been with my boyfriend for about a year. I had just finished high school and my friends were all going to schoolies at the Gold Coast. To cut a long story short, they had a falling out and one didn’t go so I was invited to take her place. I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t let me go because it’s known for just picking up so I told him I was going to visit friends in Sydney. They were paying for it!!!

“I got to Queensland and on the first night i was there it was love at first sight with a guy i met at a club. We practically saw each other for the whole week while we were there! When I got back to Melbourne, infatuated with this new guy, who happened to only live an hour away from me. I knew I couldn’t stay with my current boyfriend, it just wasn’t fair. So I broke up with him saying i just didn’t love him anymore and wanted to be friends. He still has no idea I met my current boyfriend while I was holidaying in ‘Sydney’. I now live with my boyfriend and we have been together for over 2 years!”

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