Interview: La Mav Founder Tarj Mavi

April 19, 2015

Have you heard of La Mav before? It is the only Australian certified organic skin care brand which is packed with bio-active ingredients in each and every product. This means that your skin and cosmetic products are 100 per cent plant-based and are proven to give you anti-ageing results.

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SHESAID chatted to Tarj Mavi – creator of La Mav  about educating consumers on natural skincare, her must-have product from the entire collection, and where you can get your hands on it!

How important is it to use natural skincare?

I wouldn’t really say that buying natural is the best, mainly because a product that is labeled natural can still be “derived from nature” and be processed synthetically. La Mav tries to educate consumers about the difference between certified organic skincare versus synthetic skincare products or “natural” products. For instance, we provide a free e-book: Why Organics? which has tons of great information on why certified organic is the right choice.

It’s so important to me to have certified organic skincare because it is the purest form of natural actives and these actives are delivered the way nature intended. The ingredients work just as well, if not better than the synthetic ingredients and are good for the environment. Synthetic ingredients can cause people irritation, breakouts and other effects, so why wouldn’t you use organic skincare products?

How does La Mav differ from existing products on the market?

La Mav is the first Australian certified organic skin care brand and we were the first to offer a certified organic BB cream. We also have a unique three-tier formula that includes bio-active for each of our products.

The three-tier formula consists of active constituents, specialty oils and essential base ingredients, all of which are certified organic. We then include our special bio-actives which are 100 per cent plant based and are clinically proven effective to provide anti-ageing results. Combine these qualities with 100 per cent cruelty free and you get La Mav! We provide products that are guaranteed good for you and your skin.

If someone could only purchase one skincare product from your collection, what would it be and why?

I would have to recommend my personal favourite, Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar, ($49.95) because the nectar is lovely and rich, yet absorbs easily into the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps my keep my skin youthful and vibrant!

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 12.14.24 PM

I also recommend the Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum, ($59.95) because it truly helps to lighten skin pigmentation, which I suffered from after my second pregnancy.

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 12.15.17 PM

How much damage do synthetic chemicals and other nasty additives do to the skins surface?

The largest organ of your body is your skin and that you skin is like a large sponge, absorbing anything on it or touching it. Synthetic chemicals such as paraben, a synthetic preservative, can disrupt estrogenic activity in the body and is also linked to being a possible carcinogen.

These chemicals aren’t just affecting your skin, they are absorbed into the body and cause further damage to you and your overall health. The best possibly way to manage your exposure to these harmful chemicals is to purchase certified organic.

What’s next for La Mav in 2015?

We’ve got some great makeup products coming out soon and we are looking at providing new sample packs online so customers can try us before purchasing a full sized item. We’ve got a lot more in store for 2015, but I’m not spilling all the beans now. You have to keep an eye on us to see what else we have planned!

Where can our readers purchase their own La Mav product?

For our American friends they can try La Mav through brichbox.com whom are also including us in their June Box for those with a subscription. Your UK readers can purchase La Mav at lovelula.com and we also ship worldwide from lamav.com. La Mav is currently available in 12 countries and through 150 stockists.


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