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SheSaid Loving Right Now – 19th May

SheSaid Loving Right Now – 19th May

SheSaid Loving Right Now

Lotus and Ming
I’d been eyeing these off at my local grocer’s and decided to pick some up for a dinner party I was planning (but didn’t have time to actually cook for, oops!). It’s just like having yum cha at home (minus the carts of course!) and it tastes like the real thing. I picked up Seafood Har Gow dumplings, Vegetarian dumplings, Mini BBQ buns, Seafood with Kaffir Lime sugar cane skewers (divine!) and the Sesame Barramundi spring rolls (I baked them for a low-fat alternative and they really crisped up!), then I set up my dining room with candles and poured lychee martinis and the dinner party was a huge hit! These are a great frozen treat to stock up especially as most are 98% fat free and I don’t think your favourite yum cha restaurant can say the same thing!

Check out the huge range at

Schweppes Classics

Feel like something different from your usual choice or white wine or bubbles? We have fallen in love with these little glass bottles from Schweppes. Single serve of Smirnoff Number 21 with Lime and Soda – a blend of the world’s no. 1 selling vodka, soda water and a twist of fresh lime juice, or if you are feeling like an old classic you will enjoy the Gordon’s Dry Gin with Schweppes Indian Tonic Water. Gordon’s Dry Gin even comes with Diet Indian Tonic water if you are watching the calories too. Great for a pre-dinner drink or after a tough day running around after everyone else but yourself, one of these relaxing drinks might be just what the doctor ordered!

Priced at $17.99 for a 4 pack with an alcohol content of 6% these Schweppes Classics won’t break the bank or push you over the limit!

Sweet Infinity Apple Pies

We’ve raved about Sweet Infinity before (pastry chef Leanne Beck will be doing a Masterclass on Masterchef tomorrow night so look out for her!) and the SheSaid team were lucky enough to taste their freshly-baked apple pies last week and they had us swooning! Nothing beats that home-style taste of a real apple pie with crumbly pastry and chunks of sweet apple, and it was the perfect treat with our morning coffees. If you’re near Sydney’s Wooloomooloo stop by for a pastry (Russell Crowe is a regular)!

What are you loving this week?

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