Hello Hair Mask Review


Since there are so many new hair and beauty launches floating around the internet these days, we thought we would take a leap of faith and try one out. First comes Hello Hair, which has been promoted extensively on Instagram, and with 227,000 followers of their own, this hair mask truly means business.

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What is Hello Hair?

Hello Hair is a hydrating mask using coconut, almond, and argan oils to moisturise and strengthen the hair. They are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and only costs $15 (free if you live in Australia).

My hair

As a point of reference, I thought it would be fair to note my hair type so you have an idea of where I’m coming from with this treatment. I would say that my hair is quite normal, there is a bit of breakage at the ends (through those countless years of bleaching), and not to mention lots of frizz – especially around the roots. As for the consistency, my hair is also quite thick and there’s a lot of it!

First application

Since my hair was already in need of a good wash, I decided to apply the product on a Friday night, and as recommended in the instructions, applied directly onto dry hair. You might notice that the product itself is quite runny at first, so make sure that you catch any excess product from spilling over. I worked the product into my scalp, then carefully into the ends. Then I wrapped my hair into a bun and let the mask soak in for about 1.5 hours.

After this, I washed my hair as usual (shampoo, purple toning shampoo, then conditioner), before applying a usual serum to my ends and blow-drying on a cool temperature. Nothing really changed after one application – frizz was very much still thriving and my hair didn’t feel any different or shiny.

Second application

Since my hair felt a little more dry and brittle over the weekend, I decided to apply the mask again after 2 days. The wind in Sydney plus a rooftop party were not playing nice and the frizz was getting rather out of control. This time, I concentrated most of the mask on my ends (they needed the most attention), and braided my hair into a protective hairstyle in order to let the mask do its job.

I left the mask in a little longer this time, then washed it out well and blow-dried it accordingly. Instantly I noticed that my hair felt a lot smoother, especially around the ends.

Third application

Since my hair is already so long and thick, this would be the final application for me. I used the third application to coincide with the events for my birthday during the long weekend, and the results were amazing. My ends looked and felt so soft and shiny, especially after I styled them with a curling wand.

The verdict

All in all, a good product if you want to treat your hair to a hydrating mask once or twice a week. Ideal for all hair types, textures and even coloured hair which is dry and brittle. At just $15, you can expect to use the product 5-6 times, and with additional free express shipping, you can’t complain!